Saturday, April 26, 2014


So yes, it's been more than a month since my last post. We can waste all this time getting caught up in discussing why I've been so slack with them and what a terrible blogger I am and yada yada yada or we can just accept the fact that I've been busy with work and love and life and move on with it. Yeah, let's do the latter.

It's Anzac day long weekend and I'm having a more relaxed one, after last week's Easter antics, which took place while visiting a certain Mister in Melbourne. It was the longest we've been able to spend with each other in a while, and it was nice to get a couple of nights alone in the city together before we headed back to see his family for Easter lunch. We did big people things like go on proper fancy dinner dates and I forced him to take me shopping. He purposely behaved like a little brat, running around and sitting randomly on the floor in the middle of stores. If he thought that was gonna stop me from soldiering on and buying shoes, he was wrong - I went home with two pairs of heels, and a few necklaces and rings. Nothing compared to my old Melbourne shopping trips (I once went away to Melbourne for 4 days, and came home with 40kg worth of luggage - I had to pay $45 for excess luggage despite making the person I was travelling with get check in baggage on the way back just for me to use lol).

In all fairness though, he did have to put up with a lot more from me this trip than I had to with him. I behaved like a child one morning when I woke up too early, on the wrong side of the bed and then realised that I hadn't packed the dress I'd wanted to wear that day. I sooked and whinged and whined and carried on about how my day was ruined and how much life sucked because I couldn't wear the exact outfit I had planned to that day. It was the end of the world. When he suggested that it would be alright and asked why I couldn't just wear something else, the poor guy copped an earful because he just didn't understand me at all. I eventually got over it (not really - I was still burning about my ruined outfit, I just felt bad for being a bitch to him when nothing was his fault) and apologised and the rest of the day was rather pleasant.

The rest of the weekend got a little (a lot) messy and I spent the whole day on Monday being sick (that's putting it very nicely) in bed while he took care of me (after already having to deal with me the night before). I lucked out on this one, I think he's a keeper.

Anyway, the point to this story was that I did eventually get to wear that dress/outfit that I'd forgotten to pack the weekend before. Drinks (I only nursed half a cider for a few hours, because I'm still traumatised from last weekend) and 2up and grub at the pub with the girls on a rainy Anzac day. I only just realised as I was leaving the house that I was looking like a bit of a pimp with my hat and gold chain and furrrrr. But whatevs, I rock that shit. But just in case, I made sure I still looked presentable after losing said hat and fur.

Dress: New Look (London); Vest: Pimkie (Paris); Hat: Supre; Necklace: Kmart; Shoes: Bardot; Bag: Sandler; Rings: Lovisa.

Dress & necklace: See above; Shoes KM Collection

 And these photos I found still saved on my camera, that I must have meant to blog a few weeks ago. Pushin' daisies on a sunny Sunday. I love this dress from Primark in London - its so happy and fun, it just makes me smile! 

 Dress: Atmosphere (from Primark in London); Belt: Cotton On; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: Parisian (from the Philippines); Sunnies: Forever 21.   

And as you can probably see, this is my new favourite hat. Love. 

 Singlet & Hat: Supre; Jeans: Nobody; Cardigan: Cotton on; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: Sportsgirl; Necklaces: Dotti: Sunnies: Mango.

Til next time my loves :)