Monday, June 1, 2015


So May was apparently a blank space. Sorry.

I'm back at work now so nine days a fortnight, my wardrobe consists of navy skirts/slacks, and hideous NSW Health teal-with-black-pinstripe-shirts-that-look-like-pyjamas. Not quite blog material.

And on the weekends, I'm too busy making the most of the limited time with friends, family, and mostly, a certain fella.

On my RDOs though, I get a little excited at all the time I have to myself, and the prospect of getting to wear whatever I god damn want, and spend much of my mornings playing dress-ups. I regret nothing.

I like to mix it up a little, every now and then throwing in an outfit that's a bit left-of-center; away from my usual look. Like the last of the following outfits (even though it's basically the same outfit I wore the RDO the fortnight before that with different bottoms and a hat) - I call it "that time I pretended I was on Downton Abbey."

Dress: Cotton On; Jacket & Bag: Dotti; Boots: Factorie; Necklace: Colette by Colette Hayman; Sunnies: Rayban; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

 Knit: TEMT; Shorts: ValleyGirl; Shoes: Diavolina; Bag: Vintage; Necklace: Equip

 Knit: TEMT; Skirt: Heart on Fire; Heels: Diavolina; Hat: Forever New; Necklace: Equip.