Friday, August 30, 2013

giddy up!

My legs are covered in bruises from sparring at martial arts (there's rarely a time in the year when they aren't). I'm meant to be spending today starting and finishing an assignment for uni that's due on Monday. I even wrote it down and circled and underlined it on my list of things to do today. But if you thought either of those things were gonna stop me from pulling on my Levis, slapping on my cap and going for a drive (to the shops to urgently print out photos and buy new bed sheets and a lamp), you were wrong!

Making the most of this beautiful Sydney day (just short of going to the beach...that would be pushing it too far lol) in very affordable comfort:

Top, Cap & Watch: Cotton On; Shorts: Levi Strauss & Co; Shoes: I Love Billy; Bag & Sunnies: Sportsgirl. 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

tough guy.

I had a very productive day of avoiding doing all of the things that I'm meant to be doing (job application/presentation/assignment). I went for a jog, collected some new bruises on top of my already present bruises during a sparring session, went to the shops, got myself a new trunk/bedside table, and spent hours decorating/cleaning/redoing my room (and then hours on facebook/instagram showing/telling the world about my new bedroom set up because I'm a social media whore like that). Then when I finally sat down with the intention of starting my assignment, my computer decided it'd just shut itself I took it as a sign and did some baking instead. And then turning the computer back on resulted in this late-night blogging business instead.

Today, acting like a tough guy in boyfriend jeans, chunky chains and metal-tip points.

Tank: MinkPink; Jeans: Nobody Denim; Heels & Sunnies: Sportsgirl; Necklace: Forever New; Bag: Sandler.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I've got that monochrome, monochrome madness.

I hope you all sang that to the tune of Lana Del Ray's Summertime Sadness because that's what I was going for. Absolutely in love with my new MinkPink tank. So much so that I actually went out and bought it in black, and a similar tank in coral. Such lovely summer staples - I feel like these are justified purchases despite the fact that I'm meant to be saving for my end of year holiday...considering cost per wear, they'll pretty much end up costing me nothing, I'm sure!

Top: MinkPink; Skirt: Pencils; Shoes: Dotti; Bag: Sandler; Necklace: Sportsgirl; Sunnies: ValleyGirl; Watch & Bracelet: Lovisa

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where are you off to?


'Where are you going? You're all dressed up, are you going somewhere?'

'Oh, no. I'm just picking up the dry cleaning. I'm always overdressed.' What I mean to say, slightly bitchy sales assistant lady, is that everyone else, including you, is just underdressed. Another sales assistant told me so yesterday, it must be true.

Showing a peek of skin on this beautiful Sydney Saturday. 

   Top: Lee; Jeans: Sass & Bide; Heels: Sportsgirl; Necklace: Forever New; Bag: Sandler.

"You're not overdressed...

...everyone else is just under-dressed!" is what a sales assistant said to me in reply to my comment about being overdressed yesterday as I trotted around my local Westfields in ridiculously high heels and a hot pink blazer (with the aim of going to the bank to deposit some money FYI). 

"You look great! It's nice to see other people make an effort. There's not that many of us left!" 

Why thank you kind stranger, for appreciating the effort I put in. Even if you're only saying that so I'd buy stuff. I've worked in retail before, I know all your tricks! They won't work on me! But I do genuinely want this top. Sure, why not, throw in that Lee tank too. But I draw the line at this new season Minkpink one. Ooooohhh gold foil Minkpink beanie!! I guess I'll just deposit my money here instead.

Top: Barkins; Jeans: Nobody Jeans; Blazer: Forever New; Heels: Target (I know right?!!); Bag: Sandler; Bling: Lovisa; Sunnies: Sportsgirl.

 Yesterday's investments. 

Monday, August 19, 2013


Finally got around to getting myself a chambray shirt. It's been on my list of things to buy for a while now, but I've just not gotten 'round to it. You know, in between the bazillion pairs of shoes, countless bags and dresses.

Dress: Cotton On; Shirt: Emerson; Bag & Sunnies: Sportsgirl; Booties: Dotti; Watch: Forever New. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feels like summer.

Sydney's been unseasonably warm this week. And I've been dressing the part. Hashtag feelslikesummer

Top: Imprint; Shorts: Levis; Shoes: I Love Billy; Sunnies: Sportsgirl; Necklace: Forever New.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mixed bag.

So I had a super dooper hectic week last week. And by that I mean I had a whole TWO HOURS of uni and then struggled to fill in the rest of my time (I spent much of it going to the gym and then eating back the amount of calories burnt at the gym by about tenfold). It's a hard life really. 

The weather in Sydney has been absolutely amazing lately - besides that one dodgey, rainy, freezing cold Thursday (that I spent at a warehouse sale despite the fact that I'm meant to be saving for Europe, woops) - so I've found myself digging out the floral sundresses and denim shorts again! Can't freaking wait til summer, I love the heat! I'm already salivating at the thought of beach days and bikini weather - although after this past week of carb-eating adventures/expeditions, my body is nowhere near bikini-ready!

Here is a quick recap of a couple of outfits this week. Looking at these photos together cements the fact that I really don't have a particular 'look' or 'style' that I stick to - just whatever I feel like on that particular day.

Monday: My actual birthday, spent in the sunshine with some of my closest friends, eating our way through Surry Hills, Paddington, and Bondi, with a stop at a local Italian gem for dinner. Glad I rethought the sky-high wedges and blazer I originally had on, because that was a lottttttttttttt of walking.  

 Dress & belt: a random shop in Liverpool that I forget the name of; Cardigan: Forcast; Bag, Shoes & Watch: Forever New; Rings: Lovisa & Pandora.

Thursday: The one, gloomy, cold & rainy day of the week - spent hitting up the Ladakh warehouse sale & then pigging out in Newtown with another close girlfriend. Opted for the lower heeled boots in the end which again was a good decision given the slippery/wet grounds. Ended the day by eating until I could no longer breathe with the family at a local Vietnamese favourite - a joint birthday dinner for the five August babies of the family.

 Top: Cotton On; Pants: Boundary&Co; Cape: Forever New; Bag: Sandler; Boots (High): Zu; Boots (Low): Dotti; Necklace: Lovisa. 

Saturday: A gloriously sunny start to the weekend that felt more like summer than winter, spent with another very close girlfriend wandering around Rozelle markets. Highlights included brunch at a cute little cafe, buying and wanting to buy so many cute little bits and pieces that I had no need or use for, and stops to multiple bakeries for cakes, coffees and cannolis on the way home. Oh, and the awesome company and conversation :) 

Tank (worn underneath) & Beanie: Cotton On; Top (mesh), Jacket & Shorts: Dotti; Chain: Equip; Bag: Betts; Shoes: I love Billy. 

Today: Enjoying the sunshine again, looking a little bit nanna. Or as my gay friend would call it, 'questionable-vintage'. I'm not even sure that I agree with my outfit choice - but given that I packed it the day before to change into after martial arts (for post-training lunch with the rest of the blackbelts) I had no choice in the matter today really.  

Skirt (worn as dress): Ladakh; Belt: see above (Monday); Cardigan: Cotton On; Shoes: Therapy; Hat & Sunnies: Sportsgirl; Bag: Forever New; Bangles: Markets; Rings: Lovis, Colette & Dangerfield; Necklace: Lovisa.  

Until next time lovelies, hope you all have an amazing week - don't work too hard, I know I won't! Haha xx

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My short-lived 24th

So I spent two weeks low-carbing and exercising in the lead up to my birthday party. I spent hours putting my outfit together, choosing which jacket, shoes and accessories. I even pre-shot these photos for this blog. And then last night, whilst getting ready at the hotel/putting on my face, I decided it'd be a good idea to have a few cheeky glasses of white. Which turned into a whole bottle of white. By the time I got to dinner I smelt like a pub. I inhaled half of my devil's delight pancakes and my plate of nachos, and two long blacks to keep me going because I'm a sleepy drunk. Felt better by the time we hit Argyle - but then tequila shots and cocktails happened. There was that margaritas jug of death. And before I knew it I was getting kicked out in record time, even for me. Ah well, there's always next year lol.

FYI I went the sequin blazer over the leather jacket, the black glittery clutch over the black & rose gold, and changed the accessories to black and silver. 

  Dress: Misguided Fashion; Sequin Blazer: Portmans; Shoes: Pure Hype; Clutches: Colette by Colette Hayman; Cuffs: Cotton On.