Tuesday, February 28, 2012

white wash

Top: Barkins; Trousers: TEMT; Shoes by Monkfish (Betts); Cuff & Ring: Rubi Shoes; Bag: Vinatge.

Not many words tonight. Except that I realised today just how badly I'd broken my camera lens when my Nikon took a fall on Saturday arvo, when I went to go take these photos. The lens no longer zooms, in or out. Epic sad face.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still dressing like I'm on holidays.

I haven't really spent all that much time in Sydney this summer. First there was that month-long stint in the motherland (where I traded in the insane-hot-one-day-and-freezing-the-next Sydney weather for four weeks of 30+ degree heat), and then a few weeks after coming home, there was that week in Airlie Beach, a beautiful, laid back place in the Whitsundays (where we escaped the torrential rain and flash floods, again enjoying 30+ degree days for all but one day).

Now, I spent most of that week in the Whitsundays in my swimmers. I kind of assumed I would be doing so from the start. But that didn't stop me from packing two weeks worth of clothes into my suitcase. When asked why the hell I brought that much with me, I in return asked my boyfriend what the hell the point of him getting me check in luggage was if I wasn't going to use all the kilos. A girl likes to have options - and compared to my usual wardrobe of literally hundreds of dresses, tops, bottoms and shoes, a few dresses, a couple of cardigans, two playsuits, three pairs of shorts, eight tops, four pairs of shoes, two bags, six pairs of sunnies and four bikinis was nothing. And that was after I culled the lot down (I still didn't think it was enough lol). Never mind that I only wore half of it in the end lol.

Getting dressed out of a suitcase was surprisingly easy that week (lol), and it got me thinking about my overflowing wardrobe at home. I had so much crap that I didn't need. I was perfectly happy living in denim shorts and pretty tops, or sun dresses. Life was so much simpler with a limited number of options. In fact, instead of missing having access to all my clothes/shoes/bags like I thought I would, I found myself, upon coming home, still partially dressing out of that suitcase. So I dunno if it's because of the heat that we're finally getting in Sydney, or that I'm just suffering from holiday withdrawal, but for the past few days I've been dressing like I'm still on holidays, and I'm loving it.

Top: Tightrope (I know right - sometimes tightrope can surprise you!); Shorts: Forever New; Shoes: Just Jeans (Bargain of the century - my $1 sandals!); Bangles: Gloss/Dotti; Bag: Vintage; Sunnies: Equip.

Yellow lace cut-out top: Imprint; Denim distressed shorts: Made (they were jeans!); Straw hat: ValleyGirl; Sandals: Freelance; Bag: MBMJ.

Oh yes. And I've decided this year I'm going to strip my wardrobe down to the bare essentials. No more hoarding. eBay, watch out, Ima-coming.


There's something about this dress that makes me feel all grown up, sorta classy & elegant. I've had it for ages - it's one of those dresses that sits in my wardrobe for most of the year, but when I pull it out again, it's love.

Dress: Barkins; Cut-out belt: Zahara; Cut-out wedges: Tony Bianco Exclusive to Wanted.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing catch-ups

So it's been a while. Lol, sorry 'bout that. I'm not really all that sorry actually - I've just come home from the Whitsundays; from a week of wining, dining, and soaking up the Tropical North Queensland sun with the boyfriend; from pure bliss.

I was a little apprehensive in the days leading up to it, because we have a habit of getting into arguments every time we go on holidays together (there was one incident while we were in new zealand when I skitzed it over some dishes and a wet floor) - but this time, I promised myself I'd make the effort to resist snapping/yelling at him; to let the little things slide, and just enjoy each others company. So every time he did something that irritated me, I just kept calm, took a breath, and calmly told him I'd appreciate it if he did this, or didn't do that. And you know what? It worked. It was the perfect holiday - it was so good to just leave everything behind and truly relax. It was so good that I've decided to adopt that mentality permanently (or as permanently as I can manage). He's always to me and I know I can get a bit too hot headed at times. But life's good when you don't sweat the small stuff.

Anyway, as with during every other little lull in posts, I still thought about the blog a fair bit, and upon going through my camera, I found a whole load of photos of different outfits for posts I'd meant to do. I'll be uploading them today in subsequent posts - but just don't expect too much writing lol. I'm sawryyyy, I'll lift my game, I promise.

As for this post - we've finally started getting summer-like weather in Sydney! But it's for a limited time only, so I went out & made the most of it at Maroubra Beach yesterday. Sun was shining, but not too overly hot, water was lovely and cool, waves were HUGE but oddly not too rough, and the company was awesome. I love my big floppy hat despite people looking at me funny for wearing it.