Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay, so when I posted last I made a slight error in calculation - I was only actually five days clean.

Today I'm proud to say I've passed that one-week's been eight days since my last purchase. I can't say it's been easy - working in retail makes it especially difficult. Working in a shoe store makes it doubly so. Working in a shoe store filled with an exceptionally good range of new season arrivals makes it near impossible - especially when you've just received your shiny new discount vouchers!

There has been many a temptation over these few days, in addition to those shiny (metaphorically, not literally - I'm so over that patent look) new heels/boots/bags at work (and can't forget those flats that a part of me reasons that I need to get - because, 'hey, I'm gonna need new work shoes eventually, might as well start wearing them in now!'). As I stood waiting for my coffee yesterday, I couldn't help but notice every second woman walk past, brandishing a Dotti bag. I fought the urge to pop in to have a look, just in case they were having a major sale - I know I can't resist a bargain when I see one, so the best way of prevention is to, well, not see one.

As I walked back to work coffee in hand(which I don't usually do when I still have a good 20 minutes of shopping time before my shift begins), Forever New beckoned me with its fancy new posters, and brilliantly merchandised windows - I have fallen in love with, and consequently, wound up buying (albeit sometimes at a much later date) many an item after seeing it on their mannequins. But no, I just kept on walking, although I swear I could feel the gaze of the model in the picture burning into the back of my head.

Then today I got a text from my sister - the one who hates shopping (she often tells me that shopping with me 'makes her wanna die') texts me out of the blue and tells me that the supre warehouse near my place has everything for $5 and under (she also adds that she's 'not sure if that's even cheap or not because she doesn't shop much lol'). GAhh, doesn't she know I'm on a shopping diet?! If there's one thing you shouldn't do, its to dangle a delicious treat in front of a woman on a diet!

I came close to cracking when I looked down at my hands at work, and realised that the ring that had been on my thumb - one of my favourites of the moment, mostly because it fit so nicely around my thumb - was no longer there. I know it seems ridiculous to not have realised when it fell off, but you've got to try and understand that when you work in a shoe store, and are constantly removing stuffing from inside of shoes and boots, misplacing jewellery is not an uncommon occurence. I was devastated, and decided that as soon as my shift finished, I would go and buy a replacement. My workmates sniggered, joking that I would probably go out to buy a 'replacement ring' and end up walking back with like, 6 bags. I ended up walking back with one bag - filled with KFC (which I wound up regretting - KFC always seems like a good idea at the time).

All in all I'm pretty proud of myself!

And since I (hopefully) won't be posting pictures of purchases for a while, I thought I'd start showing you how I'm doing with the pieces I've already got in my wardrobe...
Day 7 (Friday): Striking floral print pleated dress ($5); Ally slip (worn underneath - $10); Supre belt ($7.50); Forever 21 ring (left hand - $6.80); Trent Nathan bracelet ($10); Factorie ring ($10)

Day 8 (Saturday): Dotti maxi skirt ($10); Supre tank ($7.50); Supre belt ($7.50); Dotti beaded necklaces ($3.50); Diva string necklaces ($5 for set of 3); Gloss Bangles ($1 each); Dotti wooden bangle ($3.50); Ring (left index finger - $15); Lovisa double love ring ($13); Rubi ring (right ring finger - $5); Collette ring (thumb - $10); Forever New bag ($60 - an investment!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm six days clean. That's right, it's been 6 days since I last bought something and I'm, surprisingly, not jonesing for a hit.

I read an article in a magazine the other day about a few fellow fashionistas who are giving up shopping for a year, and it got me thinking. Now, before you snigger and sneer, I'm not that naive. I know I wouldn't even come close to lasting a year without feeling that thrill of finding the perfect pair of cloppers. But, just say I were to give it up - I know I'd literally have enough clothes to last me at least a year, and enough shoes to wear a different pair each day and then some (granted I probably wouldn't do that seeing as 15cm heels aren't exactly appropriate for lab work).

So I've decided that I'm going to try my best to starve myself of new purchases. It's a win win right? More space, more money, more time for other what if I'm a tad off trend right? Righhhttt??? It's a reasonable trade off...rigghhhhttttttt?! Who needs that pair of 70's style wide leg pants that would totally hide those lumps and bumps and make my legs look that go on for days??

Okay, maybe just one more purchase.