Sunday, September 28, 2014

on point.

When you're late for #Heiress lunch, but your outfit is on point, what do you do?

You take pictures for your blog because a real heiress doesn't run on anybody else's time but her own. And your fellow heiress will understand.

Jumpsuit: Ally; Bag: Vintage; Heels: Koh Fashion by Boston Babe; Sunnies: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Gift

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

China Doll

Spring has finally sprung in (now) Sunny Sydney and I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face! I've always been more of a warm-weather, skirt, shorts and sun-dress kind of girl, so I'm welcoming the bright blue skies and fresh air with open arms.

It's meant to hit 27 degrees later this week and while it's slightly depressing to think that this time this year I was able to just drop everything and head to the beach with the cute boy I'd just started seeing, I'm pretty happy with where my life's at at the moment. I have a job that I love, a boy that I love (from afar), a roof over my head, and excess of anything I could ever need (i.e. clothes, shoes, bags and food!)

Life is amazing, and I hope that it only gets better from here!

Last weekend, loving the whole China-Print trend so much that, yes, I wore the same thing two days in a row, with a few minor accessory tweaks. Sue me!

Dress: Dotti; Bag: Vintage (Glebe Markets); Sunglasses: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace: gift; Nude Chunky Heels (top images): Bardot; Monochrome Pointed Pumps (bottom images): Koh Fashion by Boston Babe; Blazer: Esprit. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

hashtag heiress

August was, as always, a busy month and I won't waste your time making excuses for my lack of posts. As usual, life gets in the way.

I've recently started meeting up with a friend of mine every weekend (that the boy isn't here/I'm not in Melbourne) for what he terms 'Heiress Lunches' (which usually stretches on to Heiress Days). They pay homage to the Paris Hiltons of the world, as well as the days when neither of us had full time jobs and could go take leisurely lunches in or near the city, or by the beach or bay. We used to joke that one day we would ladies of leisure and be able to just spend our days shopping and taking long lunches while our men worked hard to maintain the lifestyle we were accustomed to.

These days we both work long & hard for our money (well, I work hard lol) and I would never dream of simply mooching money off a man, but when it comes to our weekly Heiress lunches I like to forget about all the hours I've had to work and pretend that money is not an issue (and this mentality is exactly why I will never allow myself to get a credit card lol). I've been pretty bad with my spending lately. On one of said Heiress Days, 'We'll just go have a look' in Chanel resulted in me taking home a rather pricey pair of sunnies that I didn't realise I'd needed but had to have. An RDO today resulted in a mani/pedi, waxing, and three pairs of shorts, three tops, a skirt, a playsuit, a dress, a pair of pants, a necklace, bracelet and bangle. A 'quick stop' at the shops after work last Thursday ended up in three pairs of shoes, three pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, two skirts, eight dresses, and twelve tops. And a phone cover. You could say things are getting a tiny bit out of hand. But fuck it. I'm young, with no responsibilities. I'm never going to be in a position where I have this much disposable income ever again. I'm gonna god-damn enjoy it while I can.

Today, being a dressing like a #Heiress (on a budget, lol)

Top & Shorts: ValleyGirl; Shoes: Kofashion by Boston Babe; Necklace: Gift; Bag: Vintage; Sunglasses: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.  

And I found these photos on my camera - I must've meant to blog them but never got around to it. Blazers always make me feel a bit fancy.

Jeans: Ziggy Denim; Tee: Cotton On; Blazer: Forever New; Bag from London; Necklace: Dotti; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Trousers: Atmosphere (from London); Top: Mink; Blazer: Mango (from Paris); Shoes: Rubi; Bag from London. Rings: Lovisa; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Until next time boys & girls!