Tuesday, October 15, 2013

white on white / two days one top.

Last Thursday Sydney melted through a whopping 37 degree (39 out west!) day and I made the decision to wear white on white because well, it just reminds me of summer - simple, clean and chic. It's a brave move for me because I'm generally pretty clumsy, which often means that white clothes do not stay white for very long at all. Proud to report though, that I managed not to spill a single thing on myself, despite consuming plenty of saucy/liquidy foods and drinks that day. Yeah, I was pretty chuffed with myself, and what?! It's a pretty big achievement okay?!

My shoes, however, didn't make it through the day - I made the mistake of leaving them lying around while at a friend's place, and the (super adorable) puppy got to them. Luckily I only paid $5 for them at the Ozsale sale recently. And that I'm not exactly lacking in shoes lol.

Top: Imprint; Shorts: Forever New; Belt: Portmans; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: Gianni Bini; Sunnies: Cotton On; Watch & Bracelet: Lovisa

And because I managed to not dirty my clothes on the day before, I managed to rock the same white top with these amazing trousers on the cooler Friday. They were a little bit tight after lunch but their cuteness made up for it! 

Top: Imprint; Trousers: Raoul; Belt: Portmans; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: Novo; Sunnies: Cotton On; Bracelet & Watch: Lovisa

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the long weekend.

I'm so excited to write this post because:

1. For once I have photos with a decent backdrop! This was thanks to the beautiful girls at BBGB HQ (Being Babes Getting Babes Head Quarters) who were kind enough to let me invade/crash with them at their apartment in Glebe over the long weekend! If you're unfamiliar with the #BBGB movement, read more on it here

2. I finally get to blog some night-time outfits! This is normally quite rare because: 1) I'm usually running late, 2) I don't like taking photos at night time with a flash because they never do the clothes justice and 3) In the morning the last thing I want to do is put last night's outfit back on and take photos of myself in it (I got around this one this time because I woke up in the previous night's outfits LOL. Don't judge me, it was a good weekend!) 

We kicked off the weekend by predrinking at BBGB HQ (I had come up straight after 2 hours of martial arts and so was consequently knackered and sweaty/gross), followed by stuffing our faces at Oporto. We lost two of the girls at this point, and the drinking/singing/drunk dialing kicked on at one of the guy's apartments we were with. Somehow we ended up at the Ivy...and then I don't remember much after that but I woke up the next morning still in my clothes and full face of make up from the night before, tucked into the couch with my phone and a glass of water next to me. It was a good time.Thanks to Ms Dani for looking after me!

This is what I wore the first night. Excuse my tired/grumpy face, I didn't get much sleep hahaha

Top: Cotton On; Skirt: Portmans; Shoes: Pure Hype; Clutch: Colette by Colette Hayman. 

I'm fortunate enough to not get hangovers (I've had one in my entire life!) so I was up nice & early to enjoy the beautiful day that was Saturday. I washed the dishes, took those blog photos, and then went for a nice walk (I actually also ran) with a couple of the babes of BBGB HQ (the lovely Ms Lauren & Ms Jess) followed by a much needed coffee. 

After a quick stop by Coogee beach, we shopped and prepped for a BBQ dinner that night and I also made plans to pop out to see the fireworks with a uni mate and his mates. By the time I got out to the city however, most viewing points were at full capacity so we ended up having a drink at a nearby bar instead (luckily I was overdressed for the fireworks anyway haha!).

I walked back to Glebe because there were no cabs and it seemed like a good idea at the time. 45 minutes, one near-stack, multiple blisters and one extremely hangry (hungry/angry) me later I was back at the house, inhaling chicken kebab sticks, sausages, salad, potatoes, doritos, salted caramel popcorn, two packets of migoreng, more popcorn, and potato chips. And LOTS of wine. None of the other seven girls in the house at the time stopped me, probably out of fear that I'd inhale them too. There were plenty of drunken antics (including attempts at the worm, doing the splits, shit talking (mainly by me), more drunk dialing (purely by me) and singing) and I thank the lovely ladies for 1) putting up with me 2) being amazing and hilarious 3) tucking me in yet again LOL. The rest of the weekend was much, much more relaxed and involved good food and even more amazing company.

I'm so incredibly happy at this point in my life, and count myself as ridiculously lucky to have all of these amazing people in it. 

Till next time kids.

Top & Shorts: Loving Things; Shoes: Bardot; Clutch: ValleyGirl; Necklace & ring: Colette by Colette Hayman; Cuffs: Cotton On.