Sunday, November 9, 2014

Where are you going? of my martial arts masters asks as I walk out of the change rooms at the local club where I train/casually instruct. They're used to seeing me in my uniform, with no shoes on, and my hair tied back, so I realise that seeing me in shorts and a nice top and sky high wedges must be odd to them. I suppose I am more dressed up than my usual Sunday gear, but it's really not anything out of the ordinary for me (a woman who does not believe in the concept that one can be overdressed).

"You know...out...places..." I try to sound coy when in actual fact I gave such an answer because I actually had no plans whatsoever but didn't want to admit to that.

I ended up at the shops FYI. Just 'having a look' resulted in two pairs of shoes, a top, a skirt, and some perfume. Whoops.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Like a gladiator

The weekends come and pass all too quickly these days, and I cannot believe that November is already upon us. The weather has been a bit psycho of late; confusing and unusual and incredible all at once.

On Saturday I awoke to already 30-something degree weather, the heat making it hard to breathe properly (but not stopping me from putting myself through a work out at my friend's place that morning because we're crazy like that). I entertained the possibility of a beach trip but my hopes were dashed when the sky turned from beautiful blue to the colour of concrete, and spilled buckets of water all over them. Never mind though - shopping, manis and pedis would suffice. And when the sky cleared - sun bathing on my balcony, followed by a Skype party date (including food, wine and music) with my one and only.

Saturday: a beautiful mess of confusion. And a dress to match the occasion.

Dress: Dotti; Belt: Bardot; Sandals: Urge (from Wanted Shoes); Cuff&Ring: Lovisa; Sunnies: Ray Ban

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunshine, florals and my favourite colour(less) combination.

Sydney sure has been stepping up it's weather game as of late! Loving the sunshine and soaring temps - and dressing to match.

Today, floral print shorts (my latest obsession!) for lunch with the girls.

 Top: Mink Pink; Shorts: Ally, Shoes: Novo; Necklace: Gift; Sunnies: RayBan

And the other day, back to monochrome for what was meant to be a quick grocery shop  (but resulted in 8 pairs of shoes, woops!)

 Top & Shorts: Witchery; Sandals: Urge (from Wanted); Bag: Vintage; Sunnies: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Monday, October 6, 2014

sorry for the crappy lighting

...but I only just got home from a weekend of being fancy with the mister - celebrating our anniversary weekend in style with fancy lunches and dinners and theatre and swanky hotel stays.  You know, pretending to be adults, though we know we're not very good at it.

Our actual anniversary is tomorrow and though there's once again 900km between us, you can't wipe that smile off my face. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, and how happy he's made me through it all. I know it's still relatively only early days, but I also know that no one else has ever made me feel this way before, and I can only hope that things stay this good (even if only on most days). Dead lemming noise.

The awkward moment when dropping your boyfriend off at the airport, ends up costing you more than his flight cost him. Witchery's new collection. Now that's real love. 

Dress: Ally; Belt & Heels: Bardot; Bag: Vintage: Bracelet: Colette by Colette Hayman; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Sunnies: Chanel. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

on point.

When you're late for #Heiress lunch, but your outfit is on point, what do you do?

You take pictures for your blog because a real heiress doesn't run on anybody else's time but her own. And your fellow heiress will understand.

Jumpsuit: Ally; Bag: Vintage; Heels: Koh Fashion by Boston Babe; Sunnies: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Gift

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

China Doll

Spring has finally sprung in (now) Sunny Sydney and I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face! I've always been more of a warm-weather, skirt, shorts and sun-dress kind of girl, so I'm welcoming the bright blue skies and fresh air with open arms.

It's meant to hit 27 degrees later this week and while it's slightly depressing to think that this time this year I was able to just drop everything and head to the beach with the cute boy I'd just started seeing, I'm pretty happy with where my life's at at the moment. I have a job that I love, a boy that I love (from afar), a roof over my head, and excess of anything I could ever need (i.e. clothes, shoes, bags and food!)

Life is amazing, and I hope that it only gets better from here!

Last weekend, loving the whole China-Print trend so much that, yes, I wore the same thing two days in a row, with a few minor accessory tweaks. Sue me!

Dress: Dotti; Bag: Vintage (Glebe Markets); Sunglasses: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace: gift; Nude Chunky Heels (top images): Bardot; Monochrome Pointed Pumps (bottom images): Koh Fashion by Boston Babe; Blazer: Esprit. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

hashtag heiress

August was, as always, a busy month and I won't waste your time making excuses for my lack of posts. As usual, life gets in the way.

I've recently started meeting up with a friend of mine every weekend (that the boy isn't here/I'm not in Melbourne) for what he terms 'Heiress Lunches' (which usually stretches on to Heiress Days). They pay homage to the Paris Hiltons of the world, as well as the days when neither of us had full time jobs and could go take leisurely lunches in or near the city, or by the beach or bay. We used to joke that one day we would ladies of leisure and be able to just spend our days shopping and taking long lunches while our men worked hard to maintain the lifestyle we were accustomed to.

These days we both work long & hard for our money (well, I work hard lol) and I would never dream of simply mooching money off a man, but when it comes to our weekly Heiress lunches I like to forget about all the hours I've had to work and pretend that money is not an issue (and this mentality is exactly why I will never allow myself to get a credit card lol). I've been pretty bad with my spending lately. On one of said Heiress Days, 'We'll just go have a look' in Chanel resulted in me taking home a rather pricey pair of sunnies that I didn't realise I'd needed but had to have. An RDO today resulted in a mani/pedi, waxing, and three pairs of shorts, three tops, a skirt, a playsuit, a dress, a pair of pants, a necklace, bracelet and bangle. A 'quick stop' at the shops after work last Thursday ended up in three pairs of shoes, three pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, two skirts, eight dresses, and twelve tops. And a phone cover. You could say things are getting a tiny bit out of hand. But fuck it. I'm young, with no responsibilities. I'm never going to be in a position where I have this much disposable income ever again. I'm gonna god-damn enjoy it while I can.

Today, being a dressing like a #Heiress (on a budget, lol)

Top & Shorts: ValleyGirl; Shoes: Kofashion by Boston Babe; Necklace: Gift; Bag: Vintage; Sunglasses: Chanel; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.  

And I found these photos on my camera - I must've meant to blog them but never got around to it. Blazers always make me feel a bit fancy.

Jeans: Ziggy Denim; Tee: Cotton On; Blazer: Forever New; Bag from London; Necklace: Dotti; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Trousers: Atmosphere (from London); Top: Mink; Blazer: Mango (from Paris); Shoes: Rubi; Bag from London. Rings: Lovisa; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Until next time boys & girls!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Florals, Socks and Mary-Janes.

I was meant to go to the gym this morning. It's exactly two weeks until my birthday celebrations for this year, and in case you don't know, that means it's shredding time (i.e. it's time to be miserable for two weeks so I can be skinny for my birthday only to pile everything back on within the week following lol). Before you start with the lectures - I know it's not a healthy way to do things but it's tradition now and it's gonna keep happening every year. Don't try to change me baby.

I actually love going to the gym - once I'm there. It's the initial effort of making it there that's a different story. It doesn't help that the particular gym I go to is twenty minutes drive from my house and in the middle of bustling Canley Heights - a nightmare for parking most days and nights because of the abundance of eateries nearby. So this morning, I had all intentions of going - I even had my bag packed and gear ready to go - but then I got sidetracked trying to put together an outfit to change into post-workout and got so fixated on what shoes and accessories to wear that by the time I was actually happy, it was too late to go to the gym without being late for a lunch date. What a shame.

So in the end I decided on these odd booties I'd bought a lifetime ago - mary-janes with built in knitted socks. I had to dig to find them, hidden under my bed behind a layer of summer sandals. I remember exactly the last time I wore them - about three or four years ago (with a beret, gloves and an anorak) to go shopping with my sister. She teased me so much about them that I stashed them away and hadn't worn them again since. I actually don't know why I even cared - I'm usually pretty confident in my left-of-field taste in fashion. I'm used to people looking at me strangely and giggling to each other - my motto is usually to screw what everyone else thinks, Imma rock that shit. But for some reason I could never bring myself to try the whole long-socks-and-heels trend again - it looked so silly to me every time I tried it on and I always chickened out. But not today.

Florals, Hats, Red Lips, Socks, and Mary-Janes for a laid back Saturday of shopping and pampering:

Dress&Belt: Cotton On; Cardigan: Forcast; Shoes: Luichiny (from Wanted Shoes); Hat: Rubi; Bag: Sandler; Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs; Necklaces: Dotti; Ring: Alex Perry for Diva. 

And I went for a 5km run tonight just FYI. #shred. 

Til next time my pumpkins xx 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Caj.

It's been about a bajillion years since my last post, but what's new? I apologise, even though I know it's lies (I've been listening to a lot of Eminem lately lol).

It's been a beautiful winter in Sydney - we've had chilly mornings but amazing blue skies and sunshine during the day which has meant that I haven't had to pull out my coats or boots most days. It's bitter sweet because I kind of enjoy the slightly more sophisticated look of my winter wardrobe, but I hate the restriction and bulkiness of all those layers. I've always been a bit more of a summer-dress-and-sandals kind of girl.

Today was all about laid-back Saturday caj. So excited to finally have found a well-fitting pair of skinnies, thanks to Ziggy Denim - I 'accidentally' bought two pairs on the walk from work to the train station the other day. I have a feeling I'll accidentally find myself in their store again soon.

    Top&Jumper: Cellar door (purchased in London); Jeans: Ziggy Denim; Shoes: Rubi Shoes; Sunnies: Rayban; Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Kmart; Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman.

And I found these photos on my camera which I'd probably meant to post about a while back but never got around to. Looks like my usual monochrome and hat lovin':

Top: Mink Pink; Pants: Bardot; Jacket: Jeanswest; Necklace: Sportsgirl; Shoes: Sportsgirl; Bag: Sandler; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Dress & Coat purchased in London; Boots: Tony Bianco; Hat: Supre; Necklace: Lovisa.

Wearing my boyfriend's old shirt; Tights: Cotton On; Jacket: Jeanswest; Hat: Supre; Boots: Zu; Necklace: Sportsgirl; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bag: Sandler. 

Sorry this post's been so dry, but I've got a family dinner I have to get back to, and some girls I have to meet up with so you'll have to hang tight if you want a more interesting read! Next time, I promise (probably in another bajillion years! lol) 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stripey shorts.

It's been unseasonably warm in Sydney, hitting highs in the mid-twenties for the past week. For this, I'm pretty grateful - I love the heat, and have been dreading the transition into winter. I've always been more of a  shorts-and-sun-dresses-over-jeans-and-jumpers kinda girl.

This weekend's been pretty relaxed - I've had nothing to do and nowhere to be, just a simple kind of free. I took my time lifting heavy stuff at the gym, hooned around in my car -basking in the the sunshine seeping through my sunroof - did a little shopping, and enjoyed some time lazing about the house. Kicked some arse at training and collected a few extra injuries before lifting more heavy stuff and then stuffing my face with all of the carbs. Also, I washed my car and I'm sorry in advance for making it rain (for those of you that don't know, EVERY time I was my car, no matter what the weather forecast says, and how sunny it's been, it rains within a few days. Sorry).

This was yesterday's outfit - bit of summery sports-luxe for a Saturday spent being a lady of leisure. I miss that shit. What's up with this whole being an adult thing with a full time job, gah.

Top: MinkPink; Shorts: Forever 21; Shoes: Rubi; Necklace, Watch & Bracelet: Lovisa, Sunnies: RayBan. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014


So yes, it's been more than a month since my last post. We can waste all this time getting caught up in discussing why I've been so slack with them and what a terrible blogger I am and yada yada yada or we can just accept the fact that I've been busy with work and love and life and move on with it. Yeah, let's do the latter.

It's Anzac day long weekend and I'm having a more relaxed one, after last week's Easter antics, which took place while visiting a certain Mister in Melbourne. It was the longest we've been able to spend with each other in a while, and it was nice to get a couple of nights alone in the city together before we headed back to see his family for Easter lunch. We did big people things like go on proper fancy dinner dates and I forced him to take me shopping. He purposely behaved like a little brat, running around and sitting randomly on the floor in the middle of stores. If he thought that was gonna stop me from soldiering on and buying shoes, he was wrong - I went home with two pairs of heels, and a few necklaces and rings. Nothing compared to my old Melbourne shopping trips (I once went away to Melbourne for 4 days, and came home with 40kg worth of luggage - I had to pay $45 for excess luggage despite making the person I was travelling with get check in baggage on the way back just for me to use lol).

In all fairness though, he did have to put up with a lot more from me this trip than I had to with him. I behaved like a child one morning when I woke up too early, on the wrong side of the bed and then realised that I hadn't packed the dress I'd wanted to wear that day. I sooked and whinged and whined and carried on about how my day was ruined and how much life sucked because I couldn't wear the exact outfit I had planned to that day. It was the end of the world. When he suggested that it would be alright and asked why I couldn't just wear something else, the poor guy copped an earful because he just didn't understand me at all. I eventually got over it (not really - I was still burning about my ruined outfit, I just felt bad for being a bitch to him when nothing was his fault) and apologised and the rest of the day was rather pleasant.

The rest of the weekend got a little (a lot) messy and I spent the whole day on Monday being sick (that's putting it very nicely) in bed while he took care of me (after already having to deal with me the night before). I lucked out on this one, I think he's a keeper.

Anyway, the point to this story was that I did eventually get to wear that dress/outfit that I'd forgotten to pack the weekend before. Drinks (I only nursed half a cider for a few hours, because I'm still traumatised from last weekend) and 2up and grub at the pub with the girls on a rainy Anzac day. I only just realised as I was leaving the house that I was looking like a bit of a pimp with my hat and gold chain and furrrrr. But whatevs, I rock that shit. But just in case, I made sure I still looked presentable after losing said hat and fur.

Dress: New Look (London); Vest: Pimkie (Paris); Hat: Supre; Necklace: Kmart; Shoes: Bardot; Bag: Sandler; Rings: Lovisa.

Dress & necklace: See above; Shoes KM Collection

 And these photos I found still saved on my camera, that I must have meant to blog a few weeks ago. Pushin' daisies on a sunny Sunday. I love this dress from Primark in London - its so happy and fun, it just makes me smile! 

 Dress: Atmosphere (from Primark in London); Belt: Cotton On; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: Parisian (from the Philippines); Sunnies: Forever 21.   

And as you can probably see, this is my new favourite hat. Love. 

 Singlet & Hat: Supre; Jeans: Nobody; Cardigan: Cotton on; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: Sportsgirl; Necklaces: Dotti: Sunnies: Mango.

Til next time my loves :)