Thursday, May 24, 2012

another backlog

Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but my lack of posts is not entirely my fault, I promise. I've got no internet at home until the 29th because we're changing networks so I've had very little chance to log on. I'm currently at my boyfriend's place stealing internet; blogging from his laptop while he plays diablo III (sigh).

Lots has happened since I last wrote, and you've missed many blog-worthy outfits in between, including the pretty yellow dress I wore to my graduation. Yes, I finally graduated - meaning I'm officially a medical scientist. Lol, sounds weird. I prefer full time student. Sounds less grown up. Anyway, because of all the hustle and bustle that morning I didn't get time to do my usual luvo shots of my outfit, but here's one from later that day:

And to prove I was indeed still thinking of you whilst on hiatus, here are some snaps of a couple of outfits you missed out on. There were a couple more of them, but without net at home I had little motivation to keep a record of them.

To be completely honest I can't remember the brands of several items in this outfit. The dress (worn as a top) is from Supre, the necklace is from Portmans, and the cardi is from Cotton On. Skirt I got from Trade Secret but I can't remember what the label reads. Shoes were from a little independent boutique outside of Livo. I wore it on one of those sunny but nippy days, where I couldn't decide whether I was cold or hot. Those days are becoming much more frequent.

This is one of my favourite recent outfits - I wore it on a day where I didn't have particularly much on during the day, but had my cousin's showcase performance on at night.  Okay so I was probably a little over dressed for lazing around the boyfriend's house but I felt like someone out of Gossip Girl. I loved this dress so much that I bought it in another colour as well  - light pink top with a maroon skirt (can't wait to wear it!). As you can see I'm also loving the boots and the clutch from my last post.

Dress: Into Fashion; Belt: vintage Esprit; Boots: Dotti; Double Cuffs: Diva; Clutch; eBay; Coat: Avocado; Sunnies: Cotton On.

Vintage-inspired outfit that I wore last Friday. The pants look like PJs and I love it.

Tank: Ally; Gold Lace Top: Vintage; Printed Pants: Vintage; Necklace: Dotti; Wedges: Tony Bianco for Wanted; Clutch: eBay; Sunnies: Cotton On.

And Today, this is what I'm wearing. It's raining and freezing out, and I regret wearing such a loose knit because when the wind blows it feels like I'm wearing nothing. It's comfy though. I'm absolutely LOVING these Boundary & Co paneled pants that I got from a warehouse sale that I went to on Saturday (it was awesome - I picked up a Jayson Brunsdon dress and cardigan, a Zara dress, a Saba dress, these pants, a Raoul real leather skirt, a Valentino dress shirt (mens, that I'm just gonna wear over leggings), and a pair of cK undies, for an amazing $115 - craazzyyyyy). 

 Gold and Black Weave Knit: Ally; Pants: Boundary & Co; Necklace: eBay; Watch: Mimco; Shoes: Kmart (I know right??!)
 As if I hadn't spent enough this week I got a little side-tracked on the way home from uni today at DFO. I'm $200 poorer, but two pairs of leather boots, a handbag, four dresses, a top and an iPad cover richer (thanks Dotti, Portmans, Nine West and Windsor Smith).

Okay that's it from me today. May be a while before I get to blog again but I promise to do so as soon as I get the chance!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

finding what you're looking for.

When you've had something on your lust list for ages, and you finally find exactly what you're looking for, it's amazing. When it also happens to be an incredible price, it's even better. When four things that you've been searching for for ages merge into a symphony of a few, short, beautiful hours (and cost you less than 65 bucks all up), that, my friends, is nothing short of magical.

Sorry this last picture's sideways - stupid blogger won't let me flip it back. Also, ignore the coat hanger - remnants of my old job.

Black and white contrast blouse: Into Fashion; Chunky faux-suede booties: Dotti; Gold double-cuffs: Diva; Oversized tan clutch: eBay.