Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hate packing.

Seriously. How the hell do you fit your life into this?

How? I fly out to Vietnam tomorrow morning, and I've only just finished packing. And it wasn't easy, I tells ya. I mean, I know I'm only going for a month, but I've honestly packed wayyyy more for week long trips than this haha. I like to have options okay?! Seriously though, how do you decide what goes into those suitcases from this?

(I have more stuff than this, this is just one of my wardrobes lol). And then, you know, still have room for toiletries and towels and other bits and pieces?

I always have a paranoia as well that I'm forgetting something. It's the worst feeling in the world when you get to your destination, and unpack to find that, I dunno, you forgot your phone charger or something.

One of the other things I hate is not having free range of my wardrobe. Not having enough options. This is why I normally end up over packing and getting laughed at/teased by friends and family. I don't care where I am or what they say, I still want my accessories and shoes to match my clothes okay? lol. Unfortunately in this case I don't have that luxury - I've had to pack light to make room for gifts, (and shopping on the way back). I didn't want to bring things that were too nice in case I trashed them and/or had to part ways with them whilst over there.

And I've left the bags and bling at home. This is probably what I'll miss most (anyone who knows me knows that I rarely leave the house without at least a ring or bangle or necklace on). Sad face.

I think I did pretty well for myself to be honest. I don't have a picture of the fully finished product, but this is basically it minus toiletries and a hair straightener and some presents. My sister even said, 'Is that it? I this is the lightest I've ever seen you pack!' I grinned a proud goofy grin.

In other news I was pretty spoilt over Christmas, with the list of presents spanning from nailcare to bracelets, to dresses and wallets, beach bags and towels, armani sunnies, and even a week long trip to the Whitsundays from the boyfriend (he also got me lady million as a decoy present!). A big thanks to Alex, his family, and my cousin phuong who make me still feel like a spoilt little kid at Christmas :)

And finally, this, my friends, is what I decided to wear today, my last day with free reign of my wardrobe. Comfy, pretty, cool.

That's it for me for a while - blogging will most likely be on hiatus until after I get back from my trip. Until then, have fun & be safe... & if I don't write before then (most likely) then HAPPY 2012. Party hard and stay sexy.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pretty things.

I don't normally make a habit of displaying my unmentionables (lol I've always found that word funny when used in this context) on public forums, but these were just too cute NOT to share. Frills, pleating, satin, ribbon - what more could one wish for in an undergarment (I'm giggling again - yes, I'm mature). While I haven't been an overly huge fan of Peter Morrissey's work in the past, a few pieces in his 'Man' and 'Woman' lines in Big W have been surprisingly good, and decent quality for tiny price you pay for them (this bra & brief set was less than $32 all up, and also came in a cute dusty pink colour (they were out of my size of briefs in pink, so I settled for charcoal)). Love.
And Big W never fails to surprise me - I also picked up these amazing, black felt & cork wedges with a black cutout overlay (and you KNOW how I feel about cutouts, and wedges), for less than $35. Insane!

And keeping within the cutout theme, I couldn't walk past this pretty ipad cover from Forever New (my 3rd ipad case from there) - it even has a long strap so you can wear it like a bag! Ahhhhhhh!
In other news, this is what I wore on Sunday. Thanks to my sister for the amazing trousers - she picked them up at trade secret for just $5 (lol my bargain hunting skills are rubbing off!), and the fabric & cut are so incredible. Comfy & sleek, I love love loveeee them!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I knew I should've waterproofed my shoes this morning.

The weather just keeps on getting better and better doesn't it?

I've said it time and time again, I hate the rain. I hate how gloomy it is. I hate that it has the power to ruin my plans. I hate how everything gets wet and soggy and all-round yurgh. And I hate the havoc it wreaks on my hair. Oh and one more thing, I hate having to fiddle around with umbrellas. Which is why my hair normally winds up frizzy.

Today I was up bright & early to drive my dad to a post-op eye check up. And in saying that, the morning was more dark and gloomy than bright. We got home without having missed much of the morning, but by then my flats were already soaked through. Dad went to work, and I changed into my tan leather loafers. I remember briefly hesitating before putting them on, because I knew they hadn't been waterproofed in a while and the rain would soak through them, but then letting my laziness get the better of me, shrugging this thought off with a 'they'll dry!'

I made what was meant to be a quick detour to work to drop something off before heading to my sisters. On the way out, I thought it'd be nice to grab myself & my sister a coffee, to warm ourselves up on this drab & dreary, cold morning. Mistake number one. Of course, due to the weather, the undercover carpark was chockers, so I decided to park outside. Mistake number two. And as I'd made half an effort with my hair in the morning, I decided it was worth the effort to fumble with an umbrella. Mistake number three.

Getting into my car, the umbrella got caught in the doorway. And no, I didn't think to let go, did I? No, I just continued to try and sit down, tray of coffee in hand. Which resulted in the entire contents of two large gloria jeans coffees, all over my car (there was literally a puddle of creme brulee latte in the fold of my driver's seat), all down my jeans, all over my white top, and all. over. my. shoes. Gahhhhh definitely an FML moment. I must've looked like a crazy woman in the middle of the carpark, cursing at my life in the rain. Definitely should've waterproofed those shoes.


Every now and then I get a strange urge to cook. Usually for my partner. Usually things that I know that he loves to eat. And usually whilst I'm feeling bad after being particularly moody.

I've been snapping at him a fair bit lately, and I'm not too sure why. Maybe it has something to do with being female, and a particular time of the month (yes I just went there). Or maybe I'm just having trouble dealing with the fact that he's now the one who (mostly) gets to decide when and how long we get to see each other. I'm used to being the one telling him that I can't hang out because I'm busy with work; used to being able to just drop by his house unannounced and expect that he would be there, probably still in his pjs, ready to watch whatever I wanted to watch or do whatever I wanted to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm so unbelievably proud of him - just ask anyone I've seen in the last few weeks and they'll tell you I've been gloating to them about my super smart boyfriend who landed an amazing internship with a super important company. It's just weird being on the other side of it is all.

I went to meet him for lunch the other day, and I'm a little ashamed to admit that I got annoyed at him for constantly checking his phone. My rational self was telling me that of course he had to check his phone, or else he'd be late back to the office and get in trouble and we didn't want him to get in trouble...but there was a part of me that was all, like, omg I came all the way here to have lunch with you and you won't even pay your full attention to me! Even though, I know, if the roles were reversed I'd be doing the same, perhaps even more snappily.

The wake up call came to me when I received a text from him basically saying that he knows his work is putting a strain on our relationship, but the internship is almost over (it totally isn't), and then he would return to my regularly scheduled boyfriend. The fact that he felt the need to pretty much apologise for working - the fact that I let him think that times were hard just because he was doing the right thing and working towards a good future, made me realise what a cow I'd been.

So I swallowed my pride, put the cattiness away, did my hair, donned my heels and pretty dress, and got my Martha Stewart on. You know, a younger, less matronly, less criminal-y, and hopefully slightly sexier version of Martha anyway.

And this was the result:
Che chuoi chung (a traditional Vietnamese sweet soup-like dessert of tapioca pearls and bananas in coconut milk). Oddly, for a white boy, Alex loveeesssss the stuff. So what better way to show him that I loveeeeeee him. lol, vomit.

P.S. I got a little dressed up for work the other day. Not what I'd usually wear but, I kinda liked it...besides the fact that my hips looked huge.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

oui oui

Just a quick one guys because I'm late for a lunch date with the boyfriend, who I haven't much of lately on account of his fancy new full time internship (I'm so proud of him!).

As everyone's facebook statuses have made extra clear, summer has not, thus far, brought the blistering heat that Sydney's used to. We've been having 17-21 degree weather, with rain for the most of it. It's rather depressing really. And it's giving me outfit block - so much so that I actually don't mind having to work so much, just so my options are narrowed down to black lol.

Today after hours of deliberating, I decided I wanted to be snug & comfy, but still pretty. So I donned my favourite pair of skinny jeans, a comfy knit, and for the pretty factor, dug through my drawers and pulled out some items I used to be quite obsessed with (my red felt beret; my mum's old floral scarf) and slapped on my favourite shade of lippy (Chanel Coco Rouge in Gabrielle).

Crap, now I'm really late. Gotta run, love youuuuuuu