Sunday, March 4, 2012


My net's stuffed up. I can only get online for a very limited time/to do very limited things before it carks it on me - I've had to power cycle twice already - so forgive my lack of posts.

Tomorrow I have my first official day at USYD. Oh that's right - remember a while back I posted about an interview that 'could determine what I was going to do for the rest of my life' and promised to fill you in on the outcome - only if I was successful? Haha I'd completely forgotten about it until now. That was an interview to get into a Master of Pharmacy course at UTS, and yes, despite my lack of follow-up posts, I got in. I have however, since declined the offer, and opted for a Masters of Radiation Therapy at USYD - a course which I'll be starting tomorrow - eek! Hopefully it was the right choice.

Anywho, this is an outfit I'd meant to post a few days ago. It's such a simple dress, but I always feel like such a lady when I've got it on. Well, a lady and at the same time - a powerpuff girl lol. (It's not just me right - there's something a bit power-puffy about it?! Right?? haha). Simple, hair down, minimal accessories. Comfy & pretty - my kind of outfit. And the colour, amazing. You'd never guess where it's from! My little secret - but it was mucchhhhh cheaper than it (hopefully) looks.

It was a bit of an effort taking these photos by the way...sorry about the oven/stove/teatowels/fridge which are closer than usual lol. Really gotta find a person to fix my camera lens :(

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