Thursday, May 24, 2012

another backlog

Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but my lack of posts is not entirely my fault, I promise. I've got no internet at home until the 29th because we're changing networks so I've had very little chance to log on. I'm currently at my boyfriend's place stealing internet; blogging from his laptop while he plays diablo III (sigh).

Lots has happened since I last wrote, and you've missed many blog-worthy outfits in between, including the pretty yellow dress I wore to my graduation. Yes, I finally graduated - meaning I'm officially a medical scientist. Lol, sounds weird. I prefer full time student. Sounds less grown up. Anyway, because of all the hustle and bustle that morning I didn't get time to do my usual luvo shots of my outfit, but here's one from later that day:

And to prove I was indeed still thinking of you whilst on hiatus, here are some snaps of a couple of outfits you missed out on. There were a couple more of them, but without net at home I had little motivation to keep a record of them.

To be completely honest I can't remember the brands of several items in this outfit. The dress (worn as a top) is from Supre, the necklace is from Portmans, and the cardi is from Cotton On. Skirt I got from Trade Secret but I can't remember what the label reads. Shoes were from a little independent boutique outside of Livo. I wore it on one of those sunny but nippy days, where I couldn't decide whether I was cold or hot. Those days are becoming much more frequent.

This is one of my favourite recent outfits - I wore it on a day where I didn't have particularly much on during the day, but had my cousin's showcase performance on at night.  Okay so I was probably a little over dressed for lazing around the boyfriend's house but I felt like someone out of Gossip Girl. I loved this dress so much that I bought it in another colour as well  - light pink top with a maroon skirt (can't wait to wear it!). As you can see I'm also loving the boots and the clutch from my last post.

Dress: Into Fashion; Belt: vintage Esprit; Boots: Dotti; Double Cuffs: Diva; Clutch; eBay; Coat: Avocado; Sunnies: Cotton On.

Vintage-inspired outfit that I wore last Friday. The pants look like PJs and I love it.

Tank: Ally; Gold Lace Top: Vintage; Printed Pants: Vintage; Necklace: Dotti; Wedges: Tony Bianco for Wanted; Clutch: eBay; Sunnies: Cotton On.

And Today, this is what I'm wearing. It's raining and freezing out, and I regret wearing such a loose knit because when the wind blows it feels like I'm wearing nothing. It's comfy though. I'm absolutely LOVING these Boundary & Co paneled pants that I got from a warehouse sale that I went to on Saturday (it was awesome - I picked up a Jayson Brunsdon dress and cardigan, a Zara dress, a Saba dress, these pants, a Raoul real leather skirt, a Valentino dress shirt (mens, that I'm just gonna wear over leggings), and a pair of cK undies, for an amazing $115 - craazzyyyyy). 

 Gold and Black Weave Knit: Ally; Pants: Boundary & Co; Necklace: eBay; Watch: Mimco; Shoes: Kmart (I know right??!)
 As if I hadn't spent enough this week I got a little side-tracked on the way home from uni today at DFO. I'm $200 poorer, but two pairs of leather boots, a handbag, four dresses, a top and an iPad cover richer (thanks Dotti, Portmans, Nine West and Windsor Smith).

Okay that's it from me today. May be a while before I get to blog again but I promise to do so as soon as I get the chance!

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