Saturday, March 15, 2014

Colour blocks and flower crowns.

Hey kiddos!

I know it's been a while again. This time it wasn't really my fault - my internet's been down for the last month or so, despite hours and hours spent on the phone speaking to the service (non) provider trying to get it fixed. Bah.

Work's been good but tiring. Not much else has been on besides that though.

I did head to Future Music Festival last week, which was all in all a pretty good day. It's not usually my scene, but with Pharell and Macklemore as headliners, I couldn't resist. This is what I wore. Rocking a flower crown, back pack and dad's old shoes.

Top, Shorts and Necklaces: Dotti; Bag: Bluebird; Rings: Collette & Lovisa; Flower Crown: Supre. 

And just to prove I've still been thinking of you guys and this blog, here are some more photos from last week, dressed for a shopping date with my cousin on an RDO. Total outfit cost $100. Most expensive item, the vintage bag, at $50. Cheapest item, the dress at $1. Yes. $1.

Dress: Supre; Belt: Rubi; Shoes: Rubi; Necklace: Sportsgirl; Bag: Vintage; Sunnies: Mango.

And this, was today. It's been a long time since I've worn wide leg trousers, but any long-term readers will remember that they used to practically be my uniform. These Glassons babies were way too cute to pass up though (I did get a few funny looks, and my sisters asked me what happened to them and if I knew there was a big rip up either leg lol). My DSLR ran out of battery though, so you'll have to accept these lesser quality ones from my point & shoot.

Top: Portmans; Pants: Glassons; Shoes: Windsor Smith; Bag: Vintage: Necklace: Kmart; Bracelet: Dotti; Rings: Colette. 


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