Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Caj.

It's been about a bajillion years since my last post, but what's new? I apologise, even though I know it's lies (I've been listening to a lot of Eminem lately lol).

It's been a beautiful winter in Sydney - we've had chilly mornings but amazing blue skies and sunshine during the day which has meant that I haven't had to pull out my coats or boots most days. It's bitter sweet because I kind of enjoy the slightly more sophisticated look of my winter wardrobe, but I hate the restriction and bulkiness of all those layers. I've always been a bit more of a summer-dress-and-sandals kind of girl.

Today was all about laid-back Saturday caj. So excited to finally have found a well-fitting pair of skinnies, thanks to Ziggy Denim - I 'accidentally' bought two pairs on the walk from work to the train station the other day. I have a feeling I'll accidentally find myself in their store again soon.

    Top&Jumper: Cellar door (purchased in London); Jeans: Ziggy Denim; Shoes: Rubi Shoes; Sunnies: Rayban; Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Kmart; Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman.

And I found these photos on my camera which I'd probably meant to post about a while back but never got around to. Looks like my usual monochrome and hat lovin':

Top: Mink Pink; Pants: Bardot; Jacket: Jeanswest; Necklace: Sportsgirl; Shoes: Sportsgirl; Bag: Sandler; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Dress & Coat purchased in London; Boots: Tony Bianco; Hat: Supre; Necklace: Lovisa.

Wearing my boyfriend's old shirt; Tights: Cotton On; Jacket: Jeanswest; Hat: Supre; Boots: Zu; Necklace: Sportsgirl; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bag: Sandler. 

Sorry this post's been so dry, but I've got a family dinner I have to get back to, and some girls I have to meet up with so you'll have to hang tight if you want a more interesting read! Next time, I promise (probably in another bajillion years! lol) 


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