Friday, September 18, 2015


So it's been a quarter of a year since my last post and I'm officially the worst blogger ever. Unfortunately, being a big person with a big person job unrelated to fashion or media, but rather, saving lives, and the responsibilities that said job entails, doesn't leave all that much down time for things like taking photos on timer, editing and writing. Or you know, wearing anything really all that blog-worthy, unless you think teal-with black pinstripe or ill-fitting navy trousers are going to be big this season.

In case you're wondering, life is pretty sweet. I don't get out quite as much as I used to, and there are many friends that I would love to catch up with (if you are one of said friends, call me maybe!) and I'm getting super jealous of the fact that half my Facebook friends list is overseas, but other than that I have no complaints. I'm healthy, happy and in love, and my career is going great! In fact, I actually just scored a permanent full time position at work (which is like winning lotto these days in health!) a couple of weeks ago - it still hasn't fully sunk in but I'm super stoked.

Oh, and my hair is growing out nicely. I actually had it cut and coloured today, after these photos were taken. I have a new found appreciation and admiration of people who are bottle-blonde; holy crap that shit takes a hell of a lot of work. You'll get to see it in future posts; I promise they won't be too far away.

Today, on my RDO, I had a choice between practical sneakers, or leg-elongating, but not-so-practical heels. You can see that practicality is not all that high on my priority list.

T-Shirt: Cotton On; Skirt: Ally; Chambray Shirt: Emerson; Heels: Diavolina; Necklace: Colette by Colette Hayman; Rings: Lovisa; Watch & Bracelet: Mimco; Bag: Sass & Bide; Sunnies: RayBan.

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