Monday, October 11, 2010

I am...sorry for neglecting you!

Hey all! Or...well...I'm not even sure how many (or how few) people read this crap. I mean...this...uhh...brilliant literary work.

I've been a tad busy with exams and assessments and work and birthdays and weddings (and shopping) as of late, so I haven't really had much time for other extra-curricular activities.

This is gonna be a quick one...I'm just here to tell you that the final 3 have been announced for the Westfield Insider gig & while I'm sadly not one of them, I did happen to have the pleasure of meeting one of said finalists at the interviews at Liverpool a few weeks back.

Mr Samnang Sou is extremely cute, super-dooper friendly, knows his style, and in my very humble opinion, is more than worthy of the Insider crown (you may have caught his cameo on the ACA video). So pleaasssseee vote for him here! (you'll also go in the draw to win a $5000 Westfields gift card so it's worth a shot!)

I'll be back in a few days to update you on my past few purchases (involving a very satisfying trip to Review). Until then!

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