Thursday, December 2, 2010

summer holidays

Apologies again for the lag kids!

By now the uni year's wrapped up for most of us: we're busy enjoying freedom - and it tastes oh so sweet! It'd taste a hell of a lot sweeter though, if we weren't having such crumby winter-esque weather. It's poo. I hate the rain, makes me so friggin' miserable.

At least I don't feel like I'm wasting hot summer days stuck inside at work though. On cold, rainy days, I usually quite enjoy work - it's warm enough inside for me to still rock pretty summer dresses, (and water and stain protectors are much easier to sell lol)


I'm pretty broke due to upcoming Christmas. In our family we don't buy presents for the adults anymore - only the kids - but I STILL have to buy upwards of 24 presents. Gah. And we're not even christian!

Combine xmas with the flood of 21st, and I'm pretty much living from paycheck to paycheck, scraping by with a bit of extra money made from a few items listed on ebay here and there. So I've been trying to cut back on shopping for myself...HAHAHAH...good one.

Here are a few things that I couldn't resist:

- This gorgeous vintage-style pleated floral dress (ESQ, $25 down from $50) - so girly and pretty...I couldn't help but do some twirls! Fun fact: I bought this while on my lunch break at work. I had just been to deposit some money into my bank account, and promptly spent it on this (as well as another dress and a pair of shorts) about 5 minutes after leaving the bank.

- White bat-wing top (Just Jeans, $15 down from $60) & black high-waisted shorts (ESQ, $15 down from $30), teamed here with my favourite new knuckle duster from forever 21

- Windsor Smith suede leather wedge lace up booties (Wanted, $40 - down from $160!). Love love loveeeee.

All in all a good week, methinks!

I'm sorry that this entry's so flat. I'm feeling tired/sick/blah. Will aim to be more entertaining next time!

Until then! xx

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