Monday, August 22, 2011

getting weird looks is an everyday (off) thing for me.

When you're forced to wear black all the time for work, it can get a little boring. That's not to say I don't play around with my work-drobe a bit (I play with texture, shapes & accessories to keep things as interesting and as far away from depressing as possible). But let me tell you, when a day off comes 'round, it usually takes me twice as long now as it used to (which was already preeettty damn long) to get ready. I become so giddy at the prospect of being able to finally get to don new purchases I'd made during the week that I'll often spend hours putting outfits together, days in advance. I even get a strange little pang of guilt for wearing black outside of work hours (which sometimes is difficult to escape...c'mon, every girl knows the versatility of black, whether it be shorts or tights, or heels or an LBD) because it feels like a waste of precious colour-wearing time.

Anywho, on my days off, I like to indulge a little. Go a little crazy with pieces and colours and shapes and fabrics (and heights) I don't usually get to wear. This sometimes means that I'm in jeans/cargos/shorts and a t-shirt. But more often than not, it means that I'm in something that I absolutely love but:
- may be a tad overdressed for what I'm doing (usually just lazing around watching tv with the bf, going to eat, or shopping)

- gets me a lot of strange looks from people I walk by

- one or more of my siblings make a joke about/cringe at.

Today's outfit was one of these. I LOVED it. I loved the way it looked, and I loved the way it felt. I'm pretty sure there was really only one particular part of it that pushed it into the realms of strangeness; that made me feel the slightest bit self-conscious: the hat. I'd been searching for a cute felt hat for a while now, having fallen in love with the many I'd seen gracing the pages of glossy magazines (I'm such a sucker). And I finally found this adorable one in Sportsgirl, on sale for $20! I don't care how many people pull faces at me or make jokes about it - I love it, and will continue wearing it long into the season :)

Pee Ess. I also love my new wide leg pants from Dotti. So chic, & sooooo comfy!

Knit by ROSEBULLET, $10; Tank (worn underneath) from SUPRE; Trousers from DOTTI, $19.95 down from $79.95; Shoes from by TONY BIANCO, $60 down from $200; Hat from SPORTSGIRL, $19.95 down from $39.95; Bag from FOREVER NEW, $59.99.

And then it got a tad chilly so I chucked on this Cardigan ($19.50 down from $39 from FORCAST), and added a necklace ($5 down from $19.95 from DIVA).

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