Monday, January 30, 2012

getting things done.

I've been meaning to set a facebook page for iamVinhdicated for a while now, and tonight I finally got 'round to it. So go on peeps, get liking here. And spread the word. Not only will you get updates on my blog, but I'll also be downsizing my wardrobe through the page - so keep an eye out for some major bargains!

I'm enjoying having free reign of my wardrobe again, but at the same time, it has been pretty overwhelming trying to pick an outfit out of it, especially having gotten used to living out of a suitcase. Not to mention the insane Sydney weather.

On Saturday I felt like being a bit more ladylike, so I donned a pretty pleated dress, pulled my hair into a bun, slapped on some earrings and did something I rarely do - applied some make up (just a bit of mascara, eye liner & lippy for funsies). I actually think I look weird with eye liner on. Not really ladylike come to think of it...maybe a bit...tarty. Hahaha. I broke up the prissy-ness with some chunky cut out wedges:

Dress, belt & bag purchased in Vietnam, earrings from diva, shoes from Zu, (ring was a gift).

And today, I went for a more relaxed look (excuse my gross feet!):

Singlet by Junk, Skirt from Sportsgirl, Sandals from Freelance

Now back to the tennis! Haha I'll write again soon. x.

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