Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm baaaaackkkk!

Did ya miss me? No need to answer, I know you did. Don't try and deny it. You were checking constantly to see if I'd posted weren't you? It's okay, I did the same. On my own blog. And got busted by my sister. Yes, I'm a bit of a luvo. Don't judge me. Haha

I just got back from Vietnam two days ago, and I'm missing it already! It was such an amazing experience - everything from the weather, the people, the culture, the shopping, and, of course, the food, was incredible!

In the city we'd wake up, gorge ourselves on buffet breakie, then go out and explore the many markets (Saigon Square and Ben Thanh markets were favourites, although they both required lots and lots of bargaining), grab lunch, go back to the hotel, rest, (and gorge on copious amounts of fresh tropical fruits), go out to dinner, and then head back to just outside Ben Thanh for the night markets (which would go on until around 11pm at night - again, plenty of bargaining required).

Visiting the countryside, albeit slightly less glamorous, was still a great experience - and it was awesome getting to know the family normally separated from us by such great distance. The family, the friends - the home, that my parents left behind so many years ago. It's amazing how you can just meet someone and just instantly feel that warmth that you have with people you've known your whole life.

The resort leg of the trip was absolute bliss - with most of my days spent lazing by the beach or the pool, sipping on cocktails and coconuts, or going for joyrides on motorbikes & scooters (and getting laughed at by all the locals along the way). Mui Ne is such a beautiful place, and a week definitely was not long enough.

Needless to say, my sisters, cousins and I spent some serious Dong during the trip - having to buy a whole extra suitcase to house our goods. Think dirt-cheap nikes & tigers, amazing girly pleat dresses, cute traditional outfits (like pjs, ao dai, ao baba, and kung-fu style outfits) for the kids, leather bags & wallets, countless souvenir magnets, key rings and tshirts, polos, sunnies, and hats made from cans lol. All I can say is that I've fallen in love with the country, and I'll definitely be back one day.

I've only been back for two days, but somehow I've already managed to go shopping. Twice. I seriously have a problem. But...sales! Two days work left me with 3 dresses, a sequin top, 3 pairs of sandals and a pair of glittery pumps, a maxi skirt, a playsuit and a bag - but only $165 poorer! ONLY! And that includes labels such as valleygirl, freelance, sportsgirl and leona edmiston (not to mention some amazing vintage finds).

This is what I wore today. I got asked by someone if I'd gained weight, and when I replied, 'yeah, a kilo', she said 'yeah, you can tell'. What an ego boost. Lol, time to start exercising!

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