Tuesday, January 8, 2013

stop it, you're being embarrassing.

I'm at my boyfriend's house, and as per usual, looking completely overdressed for the occasion fabulous. Because I like what I'm wearing, and it doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere (as he's been complaining that his 'tummy' hurts - yes I am dating a 6-year old (not literally, that's just wrong and illegal)- for the last three days), I whip out my phone and take a few quick selfies in the mirror on his built-in. This outfit deserves to be seen.

I have to be stealthy as his bedroom door's open and his family's walking around and I wouldn't want any of them to see me lest they think I was some sort of...luvo or something. His sister had already given me a weird look earlier when she walked in as I was applying my favourite red lipstick (MAC in Russian Red, FYI - a lipstick that I thought I'd lost a few weeks ago, but to my delight had found on the floor of my car) - I suppose she may have thought the colour was a bit much for daytime wear, especially considering my non-existent plans for the day. Or perhaps I just imagined the weird look and she was just genuinely walking in to say hello. Still, I feel I must be stealthy; I don't want to be judged, or to appear self-indulgent or embarrassing.

My boyfriend looks away from his computer screen for a brief moment, and then continues browsing reddit. With his back turned to me I hear, 'What are you doing?'

I ignore him and continue trying to get the lighting right on my iPhone.

'Are you taking luvos again?!!' he whines, in his best not again voice.

'They're for blogging purposes, man!' I explain/exclaim, perhaps a little too defensively.

His eyes leave reddit's front page again, this time with a full swivel of the computer chair (this is a big thing for an avid redditor), 'It doesn't matter if it's for your blog, stop it! You're being embarrassing!'

Top & Sunnies: ValleyGirl; Skirt: Glassons; Heels: Dotti; Necklace: Portmans; Bangles: Markets; Rings: Lovisa.

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