Thursday, April 18, 2013


Lol, so it's been over a quarter of a year since I last blogged. That's a new record, even for me. So much has happened since I last wrote.

  • I spent 6 weeks living with Alex in Wollongong for a clinical placement at the hospital. I was a bit nervous about it at first because we'd fought every time we'd been away together previously, and those were usually pretty short trips (we once had a domestic in New Zealand which resulted in me storming out of the hotel room at like 10 o'clock at night). I'm happy to report though that we got along fine, and I could see myself happily living with him in the future. We stayed at the Best Western Apartments - it was small, but had everything we needed; it felt like just enough for the two of us, for the amount of time we had to spend there, In the mornings I'd leave for work, he'd sleep in until almost midday. I'd come home to a pre-made lunch (or did, for the first few weeks until he got lazy haha), scoff it down and then power walk back to work. Or sometimes on Wednesdays, when our apartment got it's weekly service we'd meet at SandyGoodwich (if you're ever in the Gong, it's definitely worth a visit - some of the best sandwiches I've ever had!) I'd come home three or so hours later, exhausted from being on my feet all day, and depending on what the weather was like we'd either go to the beach, or get started on dinner. I learnt that he was a pretty decent cook when he wanted to be! We'd eat dinner over episodes of My Kitchen Rules - this became our nightly ritual. And on the nights when this wasn't on, it was either Community or Parks and Recreation or Breaking Bad. I'd shower and head to bed early, ready for work the next morning - he'd wash up most nights.We would come home every second weekend or so for birthdays and Chinese New Year and what not, and be sent back to the gong with a car full of both pre-cooked meals and various ingredients with which to prepare our own meals later on in the week (it was as if there were no supermarkets down there or something lol).  I still miss our time away together, when our biggest worries were what to have for lunch and dinner, and whether we should walk to the city beach or drive to north beach after I got back from work.
  • The six weeks flew by, and before we knew it, it was back to uni for me, and starting a new, big-boy job for Alex, who is now employed as an Analyst for the world's top accounting firm. What a nerd.
  • I started a holiday fund, and aimed to put in at least $5 per day, which I know isn't much, but it all adds up right?!
  •  There were a few family dramas here and there, a few health scares, but everything's worked out okay so far. 
  • I started working casually in an office in the city doing admin work. It's not the most engaging stuff, but it's very flexible, the people are lovely, I get to play dress ups and the extra money is always good. It's also reinforced the fact that I love working in the field of healthcare - I can't wait til this year of uni is over and done with and I can start my big girl job too. 
  •  I went in to my hairdresser and told him to cut off as much as he wanted. Then two weeks later, I went in again and told him the same thing. I now have hair that's shorter than some of the 1-Direction boys (but edgier/less feminine lol) and I've subconsciously started  dressing to match (see below).
  •  I ran, and completed (thanks to a brilliant team) Tough Mudder, a 20km obstacle course, with ice baths and wall-climbing, and electroshock, and height-related things that had me hyperventilating. I came home exhausted, cut, bruised and battered, but I would (and will) do it all over again in a heartbeat.   
  •  Alex graduated from his five year degree. He is now officially a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Accounting)/Bachelor of Laws with Honours ( I repeat, what a nerd). 
I have four more weeks of uni for the semester (which means it's getting down to crunch time, eek!) and then I'm on clinical placement at RPA hospital for another 6 weeks. And then on to my last semester of uni, (hopefully) ever. Double eek! Scary and exciting times ahead!

If the last few weeks have taught me anything though, it's that I'm tougher than I thought I was - I will strive and push myself to do things that I normally wouldn't have, to be better than I think I can be. Hey, I've got to match my new hair right?

Right now, I'm off to do battle with this horrendous cold/flu that thinks it's gotten the best of me. Will write again, soonish. If I'm not too busy out there, you know, doing err...stuff...and...thangs

Just over a month ago, with long locks still intact:

Just under a month ago, the initial chop: 

Two weeks ago, 'Aunty, you look like a BOY!':



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