Sunday, November 9, 2014

Where are you going? of my martial arts masters asks as I walk out of the change rooms at the local club where I train/casually instruct. They're used to seeing me in my uniform, with no shoes on, and my hair tied back, so I realise that seeing me in shorts and a nice top and sky high wedges must be odd to them. I suppose I am more dressed up than my usual Sunday gear, but it's really not anything out of the ordinary for me (a woman who does not believe in the concept that one can be overdressed).

"You know...out...places..." I try to sound coy when in actual fact I gave such an answer because I actually had no plans whatsoever but didn't want to admit to that.

I ended up at the shops FYI. Just 'having a look' resulted in two pairs of shoes, a top, a skirt, and some perfume. Whoops.


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