Friday, April 15, 2011

decisions, decisions.

I treated myself to some post-exam/first-paycheck-at-the-new-job shopping yesterday/today (and let me tell you, that first paycheck didn't last all too long). I don't have the gear from yesterday with me (I got my sister to take it home with her because I had a concert to get to last night - fyi, I've decided I'm marrying bruno mars), but it involved 5 pairs of sunnies, 3 pairs of earrings, 3 button up blouse/dress thingies, and two jumpsuits, all for less than $39 from cotton on! I'm talking things for $2 (sunnies, earrings, and dresses) and $5 (jumpsuits & sunnies)! Tiny detour to GAP, to pick up some bday presents for little people (I could spend hours in the baby gap section, everything's so damn cute!). I also dropped by the carla zampatti/bianca spender sale...there were so many amazing gowns at like 70-80% off, but realistically I have nowhere to wear such lavish things, and I couldn't justify blowing 200-300 bucks on a single item that I'd probably never get to wear. Yeah, I left happily with just two leather belts (one carla & one bianca), for $19 each - bargain.

Anyway, I had a bit of a stressful moment today, whilst at parra with the boyfriend. I wasn't meant to be buying anything, but I couldn't resist poking my nose into the wanted shoes outlet they'd set up next to their regular store - you know, just to have a quick look. I ended up spotting the Tony Bianco wedges I'd lusted for on ebay (unfortunately that particular listing hadn't been my size) - in TWO colours. ON SALE. And they had my size in both. I tried the tan ones on. Amazing. Then I chucked the black ones on. Heaven. Did I mention they were on SALE?!

Then started the debate in my head: 'I already have tan wedges. But the tan was so much more wearable for the day. And the leather is so soft. And they're cheaper. But I could totes wear the black for work. But black is boring. But it's also versatile. But so is the tan...'

I tried to do the responsible thing - leave it, walk around, and have a think. I told myself that I'd come back after lunch/the movie we'd come to parra for the purpose of watching, and which ever ones (if either) were still there, it was meant to be. I'm not gonna lie, a little part of me was sort of hoping, for my savings' sake, that they'd both be gone. But I also know how devastated I would have been if that had been the case.

I think you all know how this one ended. With my third and fourth pairs of Tony Bianco's, and my seventh and eighth pair of shoes in general, in just over two weeks.

The last two weeks in Tony B's

Tan Tony Bianco wedges (exclusive to wanted), $60 down from $200

Black Tony Bianco wedges (exclusive to wanted), $80 down from $200

Decisions, decisions...

Tan Tony Bianco Pumps, $40 down from $160 from Pulp

The more practical option - Tony Bianco workman boots, $40 down from $160 from Pulp

The less-glamorous, more practical (and amazingly cheap) shoe buys from the last two weeks: ValleyGirl black brogues, $15 (from $25), Kmart military boots ($19), ValleyGirl black bow flats ($10), Pulp suede leather desert booties $15 (from $100).

Crazy thing is, even with all of my gorgeous new shoes, the shoes I've worn most over the last couple of weeks are actually a pair of my dad's old boots that I'd rescued from being thrown out. Vintage, leather, perfect-for-uni, comfy-as-anything Italian leather boots. My dad laughs at me and says 'nice shoes' mockingly every time I wear them.

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