Saturday, April 2, 2011

old habbits die hard.

I'm sorry it's been so long. I just kept putting blogging off because, well, I was ashamed. Eighteen days, I lasted, and it was all going so well when all of a sudden, it happened.

I didn't just fall off the wagon. I hurled myself off. And then the wagon ran over me. Repeatedly. Until all that was left was a moneyless shell of a woman.

It all started on that fateful Tuesday, when I found myself wandering around Westfield Parramatta, I forget why now. Seems like a pretty stupid thing for someone on a shopping ban to be doing in retrospect. I was going well - I'd been to at least a good 10 or so shops without making a purchase. And then I saw them. What I thought (at the time) were the wide-leg high-waist pants I'd been searching for. They came in two colours and they were only $10 each. How was I meant to pass those up?! HOW?!

So I cracked. Those pants didn't even turn out to be what I'd wanted. I suffered a bad case of buyers remorse that night (yeah I know they were only $20, but in the long run, they cost so much more), but since I'd broken my shopping ban, I thought I'd may as well go for the following Thursday I trecked it out to Surry Hills for the Ladakh warehouse sale. $410 later, I was carring two massive eco-sacks worth of Ladakh and Anise goodies to my car. And 'why stop there?' I asked myself, 'Why not make a whole day out of it?' so from 7am-2pm that day, I shopped. Shopped shopped shopped shopped shopped. And boy, did it feel good.

Needless to say since then I've made quite a few more purchases. There was that incident at Birkenhead Point (think Mimco, Dangerfield, and close calls at Witchery). And those wandering-off-errings from uni to Pitt St. And those few lunch breaks at work (who could help themselves when they're right next door to Forever New). And then TODAY, when I got to work early (in anticipation for my last shift in my current job)...lets just say I had to make a trip to the car because I couldn't fit my loot in the storeroom.

Bargains of the day:
- Tony Bianco leather boy-style boots for $40 (from $160) from Pulp!
- Tony Bianco military boots for my sister for $50 (from $160) from Pulp. I was v.upset that they didnt have my size :(
- Pulp suede desert booties $15 from $100!
- a major haul from St Vinnies (I do love a good vintage shop!), including loads of high waist wide leg pants which were much closer to what I'd been looking for, loose tops for lazy days, a gorgeous vintage leather satchel, and even more gorgeous vintage red dress and a pair of tsubi jeans (from back when ksubi was still spelled as tsubi), and a pair of vintage high waist levis which I plan to cut up & distress into shorts. $85 goes a long way in Vinnies, and how often can you say you shopped for a good cause??

This is just a snippet of what you missed:

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