Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sometimes I go through my wardrobe and find treasures hidden in it - purchases made what feels like eons ago, that I'd completely forgotten about - but then again, sometimes these things are not so much treasures as they are junk. And then sometimes, whilst putting an outfit together, I suddenly remember a different type of treasure - an item of clothing that, once upon a time, had been a favourite, packed away because of a change of season, or a fear that it would fall apart due to overuse. An item of clothing that would go perfectly with that outfit I'm planing. But I'll get back to that in a sec...

It's gotten really cold, really suddenly. Today made my fingers numb and my bones hurt. And as a result, I've finally come to terms with the fact that it's probably time to pack away the slinky dresses, tank tops and denim cut offs. Probably.

Yesterday, during my ritual planning of outfits for the next (few) day(s), I suddenly remembered one of the aforementioned old faves. My vintage navy blue blazer. I see your lack of excitement. 'So what? What's so special about that?' I hear you murmur. It might not sound like anything too fancy to you right now - but let me tell you a little about this blazer: we go wayyyyy back, me & it. I picked it up two autumns ago, from my local Vinnies store. It was double breasted, had deep lapels, and a pocket on either side, perfect for warming cold hands on autumn days. It also had shoulder pads - thin ones that gave structure, without making my already broad shoulders look too gaga-esque. It was a size 10 and it fit PERFECTLY - a rare occurrence for a vintage find. I wore it religiously over A/W09 - so much so, that one day, while perusing the blazer section of another Vinnies store (dragging a couple of uni friends along), one of my male friends (a super smart medical science nerd, with very little interest in shopping or fashion or what people are wearing) asked 'don't you already have a navy blue blazer??' Yes. Yes I did. And it was worth ever single one of those 25 cents that I'd bought it for. Oh, did I forget to mention the price? Yes. 25 cents. What can you get for 25 cents these days?! NOTHING. Seriously, it wouldn't even get you half a zooper dooper. But I got this, amazing, perfect piece of clothing for twenty. five. cents. I don't even think it'd be possible to work out cost per wear. Let's just say it's like an inverse exponential continually decreases towards zero, but never quite reaches it.

Anyway, the blazer. I wandered into my clothes room (fyi I've now started sleeping in my clothes room - so let's just call it my bedroom now), and into the short jacket section of my wardrobe - aside: my boyfriend thought it was hilarious that I has a 'light & short jacket section' in my wardrobe. He laughed for ages and ages, and mocked me and denied having a 'light jacket section' of his own, despite these garments clearly being grouped together in his own wardobe - and to my distress, was unable to find it. I checked again, went through hanger, by hanger - I was determined to find it. Yet by the time I got to that last hanger, I was still empty handed. It sent me into a frenzy - I checked my long jacket section, my coat section, my dress section, the wardrobe in my other room, and still, no avail. And today, I mourn the loss of my old friend. I wish I could show it to you - I even went as far as checking all my facebook albums for a picture where I was wearing it, but not a single one. Which is surprising, because I wore that thing heapppssss.

Sadly, a picture-less blog tonight.

Till next time lovelies! xx

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