Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cheap thrills

I've been looking for a varsity style jacket since I spotted a bec & bridge one in shop til you drop a few months ago. It was styled with a miniskirt, flats, and a ballerina bun, and I wanted it. But it was also $350, and, as I've previously mentioned, I just can't justify spending that much on a single item.

Today I found it. Or, them, to be more precise. Two varsity jackets, warm & comfy, that fit perfectly - and all for just over one TENTH of the price of the one I'd originally wanted. And from KMART of all places! Sure, the B&B one is of an undeniably better quality, but realistically, trends come and go, and come next year, I'll probably be denying that I'd ever wanted it. So yes, I was willing to trade quality and fine work(wo/)manship for a $331 price difference. Sue me.

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