Thursday, June 2, 2011

country vintage

It's the first day this week that it hasn't been rainy and gloomy. I hate the rain, it actually makes me pretty sad. Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on my hair - especially since I cut my fringe (a move I semi-regret due to the fact that: 1) it makes me look really asian - and before you helpfully point it out, I know I AM asian, but I just feel like I look a bit more so with bangs. and 2) I, ironically do not possess the typically dead straight hair that most asians have, so as soon as it gets slightly warm, I start sweating, and my fringe turns into a fluffy, curly, wet mess).

Anyway, today it's sunny-ish; enough to trick me into getting out of jeans/tights/pants. A look I've loved since the beginning of A/W11 is country vintage sort of thing: florals, plaid, cardis, boots, long frilly socks - ladylike with hint of edge. This is my take on it. I get looks every time I wear this sort of ensemble, and while most of the time, I'm sure they're from people thinking that I look like a crazy old nanna, every so often I catch a smile/nod of approval from someone who understands.

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