Saturday, July 2, 2011


I picked up this dress a few months ago whilst on a vintage spending spree at St Vinnies. And by spending spree, I mean my total three massive sacks of clothes & bags came up to $85. Hooray for cheap thrills! What I really love about op shops is that you can find some really amazing pieces, with loads of character...minus all the snootiness (not to mention ridiculously marked-up prices) of vintage boutiques. My cousins don't know how I do it - one has a fear of wearing clothes that could potentially have belonged to a dead person. I don't know why that matters, because it's not like they're gonna want it back or anything. Or maybe they will and I'll have spirits following me (but they can follow all they want because I'm not giving anything up without a fight!)

Anywho, away from that strange tangent. I love red. I love it's vibrancy. I love that it oozes sexiness. I love that it draws everyone's gaze as soon as it enters a room. I love the way it makes me feel. So naturally, I fell in love with this dress as soon as I lay eyes on it - sure it had a very 80's-90's feel to it; sure it was a few sizes too big for me; sure the hemline sat at that weird length that made me look short and frumpy - but I loved it, and I believed, with a few minor tweaks & a trip to the tailor, we could make magic happen, me and it.

Oh yes, being the epic procrastinator that I am, I still haven't made it to a tailor, but I clipped it back and took these photos just so you could get an idea (like a month ago, and only got around to blogging it now haha). The lady ended up giving it to me for $7.50 instead of the $15 marked because I'd bought so much stuff. I felt a little guilty about accepting discounts from an op shop, but thanked her kindly and tottered away with my bags of loot.

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