Monday, July 4, 2011


I randomly bumped into some old friends on Thursday night, whilst ducking into a local Thai restaurant for some takeaway. I was on my way to a drive in movie with my boyfriend, not expecting to see anyone else that I knew, and thus, wasn't exactly looking my best. I mean, I wasn't exactly in trackies (thank god I rethought those!), but I was quite oddly dressed - think, a pleated men's shirt, requiring cufflinks, wet look tights, brogue booties & red lips. Okay, it might not sound that bad, but definitely not my best. So while it was a pleasant surprise to see my friends, they caught me off guard which got me flustered, and when I get flustered, I sweat. Which then makes my fringe stick to my face. Which in turn makes me MORE flustered. It didn't exactly help that the two other girls at the table were beautifully dressed. I apologized profusely for looking like a 'hobo'. In retrospect, that was a poor choice of words. It was more 'manly' or 'odd' than 'hobo'. Anywho, I digress. One of my friends was wearing a black maxi with a thin loose knit, gladiator sandals, & chunky accessories. And I couldn't stop gushing about how much I loved what she was wearing.

I really did love it. So much so that I took inspiration from it today when I got dressed (of course with my own spin that not everyone will understand)...

Loose knit top, $25 from @Topshop; Black singlet (worn underneath) $4 from Tightrope; Maxi skirt, $19.95 from ValleyGirl; Socks, $2 from Rubi, Heeled loafers, $45 from Zu; Sunnies, $2 from Rubi; Bangles, $3 each, and ring, $5 from Lovisa.

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