Thursday, July 14, 2011

something different.

So if you've followed this blog for a while, then you've heard me ramble on about being a sucker for a lot of things - I'm a sucker for sequins, a sucker for lace, a sucker for red dresses, for high waist pants, for oversized bags, for chunky accessories, for tan-coloured shoes (actually, for ANY-coloured shoes)...I talk (or rather, write) lots about being broke from spending my pay on more clothes or shoes or accessories, that I convince myself that I need.

Tonight I'm going to be showing you something a little different. You see, I went to the shops today (obviously nothing new there) but I didn't come home with any new dresses or wedges or sparkly necklaces for you to see. I do have one thing to show you though:

This is Duk. Today I bought him some happiness. I don't think even the perfect pair of pumps could top that :)

I may be a sucker for a lot of things, but one of my biggest soft spots has got to be charities. Particularly ones that help the kids. I now donate to four separate charities on a monthly basis, despite only being a casual sales assistant & a part time student. I try so desperately to avoid talking to charity people because I know as soon as I make eye contact, it's all over. My boyfriend always yells at me about it. 'You complain about having no money and then you go and sign up to another charity...Just say no next time!'

I wish I could be one of those people who just keeps walking, but I just can't do it. But c'mon...just look at those big eyes...who could say no to those!?

Oh well, I was just gonna spend that money on shoes that I don't need anyway, right?


  1. aw vinh! he's from cambodia! =D

  2. :)haha my actually sister calls me 'cambodia'. Just coz I'm black. Not that Cambodians are all black. Although lots of customers do think I'm cambo.

    Anyway, yes. He's my new little friend from cambodia lol