Sunday, April 15, 2012

tough with a pinch of pretty

I know. I never call, I never write. You would barely even remember what I look like, if it weren't for the bazillion photos of me on this page. I'm the world's worst blogger (note: I'm totally not just saying that because all the other fashion bloggers say the exact same thing upon return from an unexpected hiatus lol. Okay so maybe a little).

The truth is - at least fashion-and-blogging-wise - I've been feeling a tad lacklustre as of late. I've been finding it increasingly harder to find outfits to wear despite not exactly lacking in wardrobe choices. I mean, sure I'd get dressed, and leave the house decently dressed and presentable. But outfits were neither inspired nor inspiring. They were, well, boring for the most of it - bland clothes that were too busy to be basic yet too plain to be noteworthy, or outfits completely re-used out of sheer inability to come up with something new. And so, I left them off the blogosphere.

See, normally when there's a lull in posts, I'm still thinking about the blog. Still taking photos, still coming up with new ways to express myself through what I wear. This time there was little to nothing. Don't get me wrong, I still thought about writing, but I was - yes, here's that word again - uninspired. It may have been a combination of a number of factors: uni & assessments, the temperamental weather, the major decrease in the number of purchases made as of late (due to unemployment and consequent lack of money), my dodgey internet connection, and of course, my poor, poor broken camera. I had lost my blogging mojo.

But a couple of days ago I did something I hadn't done a while: I played dress ups. For a good, long, few hours. And although I didn't exactly leave the house that day wearing anything particularly outstanding, I knew that that spark was starting to come back.

This is what I wore yesterday. I was pretty overdressed considering I only went to the local shopping centre to pick up some groceries and then to my boyfriend's place to bum around the rest of the day, but I was happy to be. I was the good old overdressed-wearing-stilettos-shopping-and-working-it me again. And boy, was it good to be back.

Dress: Forever New; Leather jacket: Jeans West; Shoes: Billini; Belt: Zahara; Bag: Dangerfield

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