Wednesday, June 20, 2012

why yes

...I do have an exam in two hours. And no, I haven't studied this morning. I've decided that if I don't know it by now I'm not gonna know it lol.

This is just a quick one to share what I'm wearing this morning with you. The last few days have been beautifully sunny/glorious - so much so that I've stopped wearing my slouchy winter knits, tights and booties (a combo which I've been pretty much living in the last few weeks), and started wearing pretty dresses again (albeit layered with stockings and cardigans and oxfords).

And just to add a bit more of a winter feel, out comes the maroon felt hat. This season, red and yellow are reincarnated in my wardrobe as maroon and mustard: a little Ronald McDonald, a little hot right now.

 Dress: Mink; Belt: Zahara; Cardigan: Jayson Brunsdon; Stockings: Markets; Hat: Target; Shoes; St Vinnies; Bag: SES; Necklace & Cuffs: Diva; Ring: Lovisa.

I'm also absolutely LOVING my new oxfords, which I picked up at Vinnies for just $12 (they're leather and they were new! Although, they're also a men's size 6 shoe lol). 

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