Monday, July 23, 2012

it's so good to be back control of what I get to wear in the mornings! Lol hey all! So clinical placement's just for the semester and I have a whole six days off (yayyyy) before returning to uni. I must say being able to pick outfits freely from my own wardrobe is rather overwhelming - there's just so much to choose from lol! And the psycho weather doesn't really help either.

Over the weekend I went shopping with a girlfriend with the intention of buying one lipstick - a nice, good quality one in nude. This, is what I went home with:

Two Chanel lipsticks, two M.A.C. lipsticks, a pair of patent/silver tipped points and cable knit tights from Sportsgirl, textured gold double cuffs, a chunky chain necklace and a metal plate belt from Forever New, a tan satchel from Zara, and some killer wedges & wedged booties from Zu. Add a trip to Din Tai Fung and parking and you've got yourself a pretty pricey, but pretty freaking amazing day out. It got to a point where I just didn't wanna think about the amount I'd spent - I just justified it by reassuring myself that I'd get heaps of wear out of each every item. And you know what, I think I will...because although the quantity of stuff may have seemed rather excessive at the time most were items I'd been looking for for a while but had never gotten around to buying. Love good friends, good food and some seriously good loot! Lucky my tax returns on it's way!

I wore the wedge booties yesterday & they were so comfy I even played basketball in them despite their 12+cm height! Today was an absolutely freezing day with patchy rain. I had nothing planned besides heading into uni to drop off an assignment, but that didn't stop me getting all (maybe slightly over-) dressed up! I was dying to make use of my new necklace and belt, which, despite costing less than some mani/pedi's absolutely ooze expense and opulence. So of course, I had to add an expensive (looking haha!) outfit to match! Besides the bag, only one item in the whole outfit cost more than $50 (the coat, $130 from Forever New). I felt like a million bucks while spending less on my whole outfit than many fashionistas spend on a single item. 

Satin Blouse: Barkins; High Waist Jeans: Jeanswest; Metal Plate Belt & Chunky Chain Necklace: Forever New; Suede Wedges: Betts; Diamante Brooch Coat: Forever New; Marc Jacobs Leather Stam Bag. 

And here's an outfit I'd meant to blog last weekend. Isn't the bag adorable? Full leather, and can be worn as a backpack or a tote - a bargain find from St Vinnies!

Patterned Blouse: Vintage; Ponti Pants: Target; Suede Booties: Dotti; Double Cuffs: Diva; Gold Metal Plate  Choker: Rubi; Leather Bag: Vintage. 

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  1. OMG, that metal plate belt in jeans looks sooooo hot! I love it!