Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are you going to a fancy dress party?

This morning my brother in law looked at me as I was on my way out (to the park to spend the beautiful day we had today in the sun) and asked, 'Are you going to a fancy dress party?'

I squinted at him, as he continued to tease me.

'What are you dressed up as?' he prodded. I continued refusing to acknowledge what he was saying. He continued, 'A crazy person??'

Sigh. I don't care if I'm dressed strangely, I like it.

I finally got to wear out my new bird- print side seam stockings from Sportsgirl. Unfortunately they didn't make it through the day, and I got teased some more, this time about my holey legwear.

Top: Mink; Shorts: Paper Scissors; Stockings & Bag: Sportsgirl; Shoes: Vinnies; Hat: Equip; Ring (right hand): Colette by Colette Hayman; Rings (left hand): Lovisa 

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