Saturday, August 18, 2012

August a really busy month for me - with loads of birthdays (including my own - which is kind of s big deal to me lol!) and other events, some happy and some, not so happy. So you'll have to bear with me - I haven't really had all too much spare time to write as of late.

I have however been snapping a few outfits that I've worn in the last few weeks, so hang tight, there's a backlog of photos/blogs coming!

Today's post is just a quick one unfortunately - I'm on my way out to enjoy the glorious sunshine about today. I'm glad that the weather's finally starting to warm up (albeit pretty slowly, and with random relapses) - can't wait to start wearing pretty dresses and shorts again. Actually, I've sort of already started that, but what I mean is I can't wait to be wearing them regularly haha.

This, my loves, is what I looked like yesterday:

Alex the day before had said he'd missed seeing me in pretty, short, floral sun dresses and suggested I wear one on the following day, since the weather had been so nice & fine. I woke up with the intention of doing so - but then I saw the teal blue felt hat that I'd bought last week, and the sheer blush maxi and blue, green & gold wedges I'd bought the day before (all absolute bargains btw - cost me $40 for all three items!), and it all spiralled into one of my omg-people-are-gonna-look-at-me-like-I'm-crazy-but-I-don't-care outfits. I was in the mood to stand out a little, and I needed an excuse to show off all my pretty new purchases:

Dress: Cotton On (slip worn underneath); Hat: Equip; Shoes: Boston Babe from Wanted; Belt: Portmans; Necklace: Lovisa; Cuffs: Colette by Colette Hayman; Bag: Zara; (Ring was a gift).  

As predicted Alex did not approve. I got a lot of funny looks and I'm pretty sure a group of ladies laughed at me after they walked past at the shops, but meh - what's the fun in being boring? I'll take the weird looks and giggles any day. Okay, so maybe not today - I'm wearing a pretty floral sun dress and sandals, lol.

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