Sunday, October 21, 2012

what you've missed.

I'm sorry, I'm terrible, I know. I have no excuses, I've just been lazy to write. Forgiveness please.

In the two months you've missed, there have been a few crazy sales (think Jayson Brunsdon for $10 and Bally heels for $40!) and lots of random bits and pieces accumulated from lots of random places. I've got a few new favourite bags and pairs of heels on rotation. The weather's been good for the most of it and I've been alternating between girly/ladylike, sporty luxe, boho/western, and comfy casual.

The latest obsession? Pretty bright tops and sequin shorts (I've purchased three pairs this week!). And wedges. But that's nothing new.

Here's a look at a few of the outfits you've missed:


Some of my favourites include the pastel shirt/shorts, white lace/pleated dress, deep orange/red DVF dress (purchased from one of the crazy sales I was talking about for an insane $17 from $495!), and the burnt orange/beige pants. Too lazy to give an outfit by outfit break down, sorry kids haha!

I will write again soon, promise! xoxx

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