Sunday, November 11, 2012

the new faves.

I've just finished my first week (out of six weeks) of clinical placements. I'd forgotten (or rather, suppressed the memory of) just how horrible my uniform was. Navy blue pants or a navy blue pencil skirt, with an absolutely hideous, ill-fitting, (partially due to the fact that we could only purchase them online), not to mention incredibly hot/not very breathable, white polo top with puffy sleeves and blue piping. It's basically a crime against fashion. Regular me would not be caught dead in it.

But unfortunately this is the path you must go down if you want to be in the field of health science, and you know, help save lives and what not. It's totally worth it, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that wishes I'd gone for something more corporate so I could really make use of my wardrobe.

So, as you can imagine, I'm really cherishing my weekends at the moment. It's the only time I get to be my regular self any more.

You've missed a few awesome purchases since I last blogged promising to blog again soon. Lol I'm sorry, I'm totally like that dead-beat dad who promises to change and then falls back into the same old routine of unreliability and laziness.

Current faves on rotation include this bag, a vintage leather find (made in Sydney from Australian leather), which my cousin picked up from Blacktown Markets for an insane $2. Yes, you read that right (I totes need to check those markets out, but since they happen on Sunday mornings, I'll have to wait till martial arts wraps up for the year). Absolutely amazeballs.

And favourite shoes right now? Just check the following outfits. Black and mirrored silver wedges, which I picked up as a bargain from Rubi. So light & ridiculously comfortable that I can wear them all day and not feel relieved when I take them off. And they're so cool that I get asked about them every time I wear them - plus they look sooooo much more expensive than they were. Loved them so much that I bought them yesterday in pinkish coral/grey too!

Channelling a bit of Gwen Steffani. 
Whenever I think of boyfriend jeans my mind wanders back to this picture I once saw in a magazine of Gwen, in a ripped up, baggy pair, teamed with killer heels, a tee and her trademark red lips, cinched at the waist with a leather belt. Now my body is nowhere near as rockin' as hers, and I can't even come close to rocking grunge like she does, but on the odd occasion I think of her, and give it a go.
Tee: Huntingbird by Ladakh; Jeans: Nobody; Wedges: Rubi Shoes; Bag: Italian Leather (I forget the brand name but it was purchased via Ozsale); Scarf (tied around the bag): Vintage; Sunnies: Markets. 

Hot-Day Casual:
I look so raggedy in these photos because they were taken during exam period. The intense cramming and lack of sleep and overly hot weather that occurred during this time were not very kind to my face.  
 Dress: Jeanswest; Belt: Forever21; Shoes: Asos. 

Feelin' Like a Fashion Student:
Trying to rock that I'm-a-fashion-student-and-I-always-look-this-effortlessly-cool look. You know what I'm talking about. You can always spot a fashion/design student from a mile away by their ridiculously cool, 'I'm-not-even-trying' threads. Unfortunately it got rather warm that day so I had to lose the Scanlan&Theodore boyfriend blazer - which killed the look I was going for but wasn't too shabby nonetheless.   
 Jumpsuit: Forever New; Blazer: Scanlan&Theodore; Belt: Thurley; Necklace: Forever New; Wedges: Rubi Shoes. 

A Little Bit Goth:
Yeah, I got laughed at and given a few funny looks the day I wore this dress. I knew it was a bit goth/vampy, but I didn't care, I wore it anyway. I think it's kinda cute - you know, in a kind of weirdo way.

 Dress: Shakuhachi; Belt: Sportsgirl; Booties: Ozsale; Sunnies & Bag: Markets/Vintage.

Laid Back Weekend: 
Comfy. Cool. Perfect for a Saturday (that couldn't decide whether it wanted to be cold or hot) lunch/shopping date with the bestie after a long, hard week of wearing a hideous uniform.

 Pants: Target; Singlet: Ceele; Top: Jorge; Wedges: Rubi Shoes; Ring: eBay; Bangles: Gloss/Rubi Shoes; Watch: Dotti; Necklace: Forever New; Sunnies: Markets; Bag: Vintage/Markets.

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