Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am dying to go shopping

I've got an itch that needs scratching, and it's one of those ones that never really go away. You know, like when you have a mozzie bite on the sole of your foot, and no matter how much or how hard you scratch, you can never be relieved of? Imagine there's a pesky mosquito following you around your whole life, and somehow biting that spot on the sole of your foot every day. Now replace 'sole' with 'soul', and replace 'a pesky mosquito' with 'the need to go shopping'. (Okay so it doesn't flow directly from that previous sentence because you end up with 'Imagine there's the need to go shopping following you around your whole life, and somehow biting that spot on the soul of your foot every day,' but you get where I was going with that one!)

19 hours since my last purchase (a gorgeous vintage-style oversized clutch from Forever New, half price at $25) and I've got the shopping-addict's equivalent to smoker's twitch.

Temporary relief is found while poking around on fb: the Valleygirl fan page has lead me to their website, where a cute little romper catches my eye. And its on SALE for only $19.95. I could order it online...but I want it today. Not because I have any fancy occasions on or anything (not that jumpsuits would be very suitable atire for such fancy occasions), but because most of the time I like my purchases to be tangible. That's not to say I don't get that thrill when I arrive home to a package with my name on it, believe me, I do, but things feel so much better when they're in hand. Or on body. Or on foot. Plus, postage fees? Pssht. There's an extra 8 bucks I could've used on clothes/shoes/accessories!

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