Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am exhausted

It's 21st season - I've had at least two every weekend of the month. This weekend was particularly intense, starting off with work all day Friday, then straight off to the city for dinner & karaoke for a uni mate's birthday.

Going straight from work meant that I had to pack my outfit for the night & bring it to work with me, which always stresses me out because I have a tendency to forget things like the accessories or shoes or the right underwear. And not having time to do a quick outfit check in the morning resulted in having to bring a bag more suited to a weekend away ( containing two pairs of shoes, several rings & bangles, and two jacket options).

I didn't end up going with either of the two shoe options I'd packed, instead opting for a pair that I had been eying at work but had been hesitating about. The only size left was a full size too big for me, but I didn't care, I loved them. Loved them in a way that no man could understand; loved them like I could love no man. They made my legs go on for days... And they were on SALE, for a ridiculously small amount. What did it matter that I couldn't take two steps in them without having a near death experience?? One pair of partyfeet & one pair of heel grips later, I thought I'd be okay...and I was...for the first 20 minutes. Halfway through the night, however, I was ready to make base camp in the middle of the street, with plans to head for the summit in the morning. Painnnnn.

This was the final outfit ($61): black/gold speck dress with cutout back ($7, Mink), bangles ($3, Gloss), gold plaited leather belt ($1, Just Jeans), 'love' double finger ring ($13, Lovisa), diamante ring ($17, Alex Perry for Diva), studded suedette platform heels ($20, Betts)

I don't care how much they hurt, I WILL wear them again. No pain no gain, baby.

Okay so I've just realised how flat this entry's sounding, so I might just save the rest of my weekend adventures for tomorrow, when I'm hopefully more rested and entertaining...but just one more thing before I go: I'm OBSESSED with my new double finger 'Love' ring from Lovisa. I must admit that I laughed at knuckle dusters when they first came out, but like high waist jeans, harem pants, and shoulder pads, they've totally grown on me, and I now will not leave the house without one.
Until tomorrow, my lovelies!

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