Sunday, November 13, 2011

lazy sundays.

I have time to post tonight because I'm ahead of my study schedule. Lol, yes. I have a study schedule (granted I haven't actually physically written it out (though I've been meaning to) - it currently lives only in my head). Anyway, I wanted to have my first set of notes written for my first exam by Monday...and I managed to force myself to finish it last night! I'm pretty proud of myself considering I often don't even finish writing notes at all. I think I may be getting a tad cocky because I'm nowhere near done, and I still have another subject to study for as well, but meh. Methinks I deserve a break.

Today I went to training as per usual on Sunday mornings. I did intend to continue studying afterwards, but got side tracked at the shops shopping for a birthday present for my sister. And well, some presents for myself. So much for saving, sigh. I give you, my 5th and 6th pairs of swimmers - for the season.

Yes, I have a problem. Unfortunately I never try swimmers on in store, so out of the six pairs I've purchased in the last 2 months, I've only decided to keep three. The other three I like, but they just don't sit quite right on there up for sale, here.

This is what I wore today. Tattoo Jumpsuit, Zu sandals, Nine West bag, Equip sunnies. Comfy & laid back for a lazy Sunday :)

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