Monday, July 29, 2013

Being a bum.

So my two weeks off have just come to an end, and I begin my (hopefully!) last ever semester of uni this week (eek, so close to having to become a big person with a big person job and big person responsibilities!) It's exciting and scary all at once. I actually can't wait to get out and start working in the field, but I know once I do, I'll long for these bludgey days of uni, where I only really have to work semi hard for one or two weeks a semester (nights before assignments are due and the week before exams). That being said, the life of a radiation therapist doesn't seem too bad - 9 day fortnights, who can complain really?

For the last two weeks I've pretty much just been bumming around, playing socialite on weekends and playing dress ups and going for what I like to call lady-of-leisure-lunches with friends on weekdays whilst everyone else is busy working.  Oh and you know, gymming bro. Yeah, that's right, I lift and squat. Hectiq cuz. It's a hard life.

I didn't get a chance to take blog photos of the Sass & Bide number I wore on Saturday night which makes me a little sad - but as per usual I was running late. And I couldn't afterwards because as per usual I was a total slob and spilt food/drinks all over myself lol.

Today I had to trek it into uni just to hand in my books/clinical stuff which sucks a little. I really could not be stuffed, and I went straight from the gym - which is my excuse for the astro-boy-esque hair and super tired & washed out face due to lack of any make-up whatsoever (not even a lick of mascara!). The man hands, I was just born with. Deal with it.

Dress: Sass; Belt: Dotti; Shoes: Factorie; Bag: Sandler; Necklace: Lovisa; Ring: Dangerfield

And this is from Friday. See - occasionally I do dress down! A little ghetto fabulous:

  Top: Cotton On; Jeans: Hunting Bird; Jacket: Dotti; Shoes: Onitsuka Tigers;Necklace: Forever New; Bag: Dangerfield.

I shall return for a post-birthday party post after the weekend - promise! (and I promise it'll be more exciting than this half-arsed lack-lustre post haha!) Til then kiddos! xx


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