Monday, July 15, 2013

Like a boy / /monochrome

It's been a pretty hectic, draining, intense, messy, messy, messy weekend. One primarily of happy and not so happy endings.

I completed my last ever block of clinical placement (and smashed it - I'm amazing (and modest too), what can I say *flicks hair* lol). I had an amazing time and learnt lots - and I'm now definitely confident that I made the right move in picking this masters degree over pharmacy. And just in case I wasn't sure, final results for the semester were also released and to my delight I maintained my above-distinction average (2 HDs a D and a C). What a nerd.

The weekend also saw the ending of a huge chapter of my life. I now find myself single for the first time in eight years - it's an odd feeling. But it feels right. If by some chance you are reading this now (though I know you always thought my blog was self-indulgent and you never approved of my luvo ways lol), I want you to know that I regret none of our time together. You were such a huge, important, incredible part of my life, and you have helped shape the person I am today. I will always care a great deal about you. I'm sorry about the way we ended, and I'm sorry I couldn't be the person you needed me to be. I wish you nothing but the best - I know it doesn't feel like it now, but things will get better with time, and I know that one day someone will come into your life, and fill a void that I never could. And when that day comes I'll be nothing more than a girl that you used to know. You deserve such great happiness in your life and I really do hope you find it.

Whenever something serious happens in my life I allow myself a short period of complete stay-in-my-pjs-and-eat/sleep/bake/be a complete hobo time before getting back up and getting on with things. I then tend to launch myself full force into well, doing stuff. Lots of stuff. I write a huge list of things to do and try to power through them, and when I run out of things to do, I find more. I also like to spend a little extra time/put in a little extra effort in my appearance - you know, look good, feel better.

This morning I called the taxi company regarding my phone (I left it in the back of a taxi on Friday night lol), cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, sorted out some clothes for charity, played dress ups for a while (because I'm cool like that), did some ironing, chucked my outfit together, made a decision to blog and therefore took some photos for you guys, decided I'd give myself the day off going to the gym and decided to meet up with one of my many amazing babes of a friend for shopping and stuffing our faces instead. All in all a pretty great day - though one can never really complain when it involves great food, shopping and fantastic company.

I got a few strange looks today for outfit choice - I think it's mainly the hat. But it kinda happens every time I go the wide-brim, and I really don't care, I'm fabulous. And modest too.


Shirt: Valentino; Pants: Barkins; Blazer: Hugo Boss; Bag: Avocado; Cuffs: ValleyGirl; Shoes: Kel C Collections; Hat: Equip; Lips: MAC Russian Red.


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