Tuesday, August 27, 2013

tough guy.

I had a very productive day of avoiding doing all of the things that I'm meant to be doing (job application/presentation/assignment). I went for a jog, collected some new bruises on top of my already present bruises during a sparring session, went to the shops, got myself a new trunk/bedside table, and spent hours decorating/cleaning/redoing my room (and then hours on facebook/instagram showing/telling the world about my new bedroom set up because I'm a social media whore like that). Then when I finally sat down with the intention of starting my assignment, my computer decided it'd just shut itself down...so I took it as a sign and did some baking instead. And then turning the computer back on resulted in this late-night blogging business instead.

Today, acting like a tough guy in boyfriend jeans, chunky chains and metal-tip points.

Tank: MinkPink; Jeans: Nobody Denim; Heels & Sunnies: Sportsgirl; Necklace: Forever New; Bag: Sandler.

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