Saturday, August 24, 2013

"You're not overdressed...

...everyone else is just under-dressed!" is what a sales assistant said to me in reply to my comment about being overdressed yesterday as I trotted around my local Westfields in ridiculously high heels and a hot pink blazer (with the aim of going to the bank to deposit some money FYI). 

"You look great! It's nice to see other people make an effort. There's not that many of us left!" 

Why thank you kind stranger, for appreciating the effort I put in. Even if you're only saying that so I'd buy stuff. I've worked in retail before, I know all your tricks! They won't work on me! But I do genuinely want this top. Sure, why not, throw in that Lee tank too. But I draw the line at this new season Minkpink one. Ooooohhh gold foil Minkpink beanie!! I guess I'll just deposit my money here instead.

Top: Barkins; Jeans: Nobody Jeans; Blazer: Forever New; Heels: Target (I know right?!!); Bag: Sandler; Bling: Lovisa; Sunnies: Sportsgirl.

 Yesterday's investments. 

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