Friday, August 30, 2013

giddy up!

My legs are covered in bruises from sparring at martial arts (there's rarely a time in the year when they aren't). I'm meant to be spending today starting and finishing an assignment for uni that's due on Monday. I even wrote it down and circled and underlined it on my list of things to do today. But if you thought either of those things were gonna stop me from pulling on my Levis, slapping on my cap and going for a drive (to the shops to urgently print out photos and buy new bed sheets and a lamp), you were wrong!

Making the most of this beautiful Sydney day (just short of going to the beach...that would be pushing it too far lol) in very affordable comfort:

Top, Cap & Watch: Cotton On; Shorts: Levi Strauss & Co; Shoes: I Love Billy; Bag & Sunnies: Sportsgirl. 


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