Thursday, December 8, 2011

oui oui

Just a quick one guys because I'm late for a lunch date with the boyfriend, who I haven't much of lately on account of his fancy new full time internship (I'm so proud of him!).

As everyone's facebook statuses have made extra clear, summer has not, thus far, brought the blistering heat that Sydney's used to. We've been having 17-21 degree weather, with rain for the most of it. It's rather depressing really. And it's giving me outfit block - so much so that I actually don't mind having to work so much, just so my options are narrowed down to black lol.

Today after hours of deliberating, I decided I wanted to be snug & comfy, but still pretty. So I donned my favourite pair of skinny jeans, a comfy knit, and for the pretty factor, dug through my drawers and pulled out some items I used to be quite obsessed with (my red felt beret; my mum's old floral scarf) and slapped on my favourite shade of lippy (Chanel Coco Rouge in Gabrielle).

Crap, now I'm really late. Gotta run, love youuuuuuu

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