Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hate packing.

Seriously. How the hell do you fit your life into this?

How? I fly out to Vietnam tomorrow morning, and I've only just finished packing. And it wasn't easy, I tells ya. I mean, I know I'm only going for a month, but I've honestly packed wayyyy more for week long trips than this haha. I like to have options okay?! Seriously though, how do you decide what goes into those suitcases from this?

(I have more stuff than this, this is just one of my wardrobes lol). And then, you know, still have room for toiletries and towels and other bits and pieces?

I always have a paranoia as well that I'm forgetting something. It's the worst feeling in the world when you get to your destination, and unpack to find that, I dunno, you forgot your phone charger or something.

One of the other things I hate is not having free range of my wardrobe. Not having enough options. This is why I normally end up over packing and getting laughed at/teased by friends and family. I don't care where I am or what they say, I still want my accessories and shoes to match my clothes okay? lol. Unfortunately in this case I don't have that luxury - I've had to pack light to make room for gifts, (and shopping on the way back). I didn't want to bring things that were too nice in case I trashed them and/or had to part ways with them whilst over there.

And I've left the bags and bling at home. This is probably what I'll miss most (anyone who knows me knows that I rarely leave the house without at least a ring or bangle or necklace on). Sad face.

I think I did pretty well for myself to be honest. I don't have a picture of the fully finished product, but this is basically it minus toiletries and a hair straightener and some presents. My sister even said, 'Is that it? I this is the lightest I've ever seen you pack!' I grinned a proud goofy grin.

In other news I was pretty spoilt over Christmas, with the list of presents spanning from nailcare to bracelets, to dresses and wallets, beach bags and towels, armani sunnies, and even a week long trip to the Whitsundays from the boyfriend (he also got me lady million as a decoy present!). A big thanks to Alex, his family, and my cousin phuong who make me still feel like a spoilt little kid at Christmas :)

And finally, this, my friends, is what I decided to wear today, my last day with free reign of my wardrobe. Comfy, pretty, cool.

That's it for me for a while - blogging will most likely be on hiatus until after I get back from my trip. Until then, have fun & be safe... & if I don't write before then (most likely) then HAPPY 2012. Party hard and stay sexy.


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