Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've been feeling really guilty about neglecting you guys, but I only just finished my last exam on Monday. I promise you'll be hearing from me at least once a week from now until I leave for the motherland (on the 30th of Dec) though!

It's been a crazy week, even down to the weather. All the hustle and bustle of studying/exams/work/training/prep/parties had me a little worn down by the end of last weekend, and I decided to forgo my usual trend of cramming all night/morning, and sitting exams on little to no sleep - instead opting to rest my body and brain. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me in the bum. The weather seemed to mimic my mood, being cold and rainy and dreary and calling for long sleeve smocks, leggings and booties, during my hours of study, before clearing up during the weekend.

By the time I finished my last ever undergraduate exam (hopefully!) the sun was out in full force to shower me with it's warmth, as if to congratulate me. I of course, beamed a gigantic, goofy grin back at it and consequently looked a tad crazy lol.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos to document what I wore on the warmer days, and it's gotten cold again in the last few days. Today, despite being the first official day of summer, reminded me more of a dreary Autumn day - nippy with snippets of sunshine here and there. You really can't deny that global warming exists any more can you?

It took me ages to decide what to wear (I've been having heaps of those 'I have nothing to wear' days lately, despite owning enough items of clothing to open my own store), but I finally decided on & was happy with this:

Pity that I ended up getting called into work like 3 hours later, and had to borrow some black clothes from my sister. Sigh. Sometimes I don't know my I bother.

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