Monday, December 12, 2011

I knew I should've waterproofed my shoes this morning.

The weather just keeps on getting better and better doesn't it?

I've said it time and time again, I hate the rain. I hate how gloomy it is. I hate that it has the power to ruin my plans. I hate how everything gets wet and soggy and all-round yurgh. And I hate the havoc it wreaks on my hair. Oh and one more thing, I hate having to fiddle around with umbrellas. Which is why my hair normally winds up frizzy.

Today I was up bright & early to drive my dad to a post-op eye check up. And in saying that, the morning was more dark and gloomy than bright. We got home without having missed much of the morning, but by then my flats were already soaked through. Dad went to work, and I changed into my tan leather loafers. I remember briefly hesitating before putting them on, because I knew they hadn't been waterproofed in a while and the rain would soak through them, but then letting my laziness get the better of me, shrugging this thought off with a 'they'll dry!'

I made what was meant to be a quick detour to work to drop something off before heading to my sisters. On the way out, I thought it'd be nice to grab myself & my sister a coffee, to warm ourselves up on this drab & dreary, cold morning. Mistake number one. Of course, due to the weather, the undercover carpark was chockers, so I decided to park outside. Mistake number two. And as I'd made half an effort with my hair in the morning, I decided it was worth the effort to fumble with an umbrella. Mistake number three.

Getting into my car, the umbrella got caught in the doorway. And no, I didn't think to let go, did I? No, I just continued to try and sit down, tray of coffee in hand. Which resulted in the entire contents of two large gloria jeans coffees, all over my car (there was literally a puddle of creme brulee latte in the fold of my driver's seat), all down my jeans, all over my white top, and all. over. my. shoes. Gahhhhh definitely an FML moment. I must've looked like a crazy woman in the middle of the carpark, cursing at my life in the rain. Definitely should've waterproofed those shoes.

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